Choosing Varnish Shades for Winter

By Inspirationail

Winter NailsWe’ll be honest, winter isn’t our favourite season of the year, it’s cold, it’s dry – and both of those make being beautiful a bit harder. In past months we’ve given loads of colour advice for everything from events, to parties and even day to day activities and today we’ll give you some colour pointers to make the most of winter.

What to Wear

There are elements of winter we like, cozy sweaters, hot tea, and the joy of snuggling up with our honey to watch videos on frosty weekend mornings. There used to be a defining line between ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ colours – but we think that’s rather old fashioned and prefer to select shades based on our moods rather than social convention. Paler skin tones have to be more careful this time of year & stick to warmer shades – but that is absolutely doable while keeping your unique style intact.

Think deep, glittering gem tones, frosty whites and creamy winter pinks when you paint those nails for winter.

Skiing Holiday

Although we prefer tropical locations for our winter holidays, some people are keen to catch the snow while it’s available. We can respect that and look forward to your skiing stories in the bar at the end of the day. Whether you are a ski bunny or a seat warmer in the pub, we like more muted, slightly shimmery colours. Something durable enough to last but still sexy enough to heat up the slopes.

What To Wear

Skiing Holiday Nails

Image from robtrent

Try Del Sol’s Superhero, creamy sky blue inside and pearly lavender outside; Mavala’s Gold & Silver Diamond Duo, brilliant, sparkling gold & silver glitters; Nubar’s Camelot Blossom a subdued, coral rose; Solaractive’s Canary Yellow to Robin Red, sweet canary yellow inside and light robin red outside; or Suncoat’s Cotton Candy, an opaque pearly pink.

Hiking in the Mountains

This is a hillside holiday activity that we can enjoy – a good hike is great for the soul no matter what time of year it is. And lets face it, a little snow definitely turns the forest into a sort of winter wonderland. Plus it gives us an excuse to find a form fitting winter jacket and a new pair of boots. For hiking we like super wearable natural colours like deep earth tones, evergreen hues and even bright winter berry colours.

What To Wear

Hiking Nails

Image from rebeca πŸ™‚

Try Del Sol’s Rock Star, glittering sea blue inside and shining grass green outside; Mavala’s Ruby Duo, a bright, true berry red; Nubar’s Meadow Sparkles, a deep, sparkling evergreen; Solaractive’s Pearl to Blackberry, pearly white inside and deep blueberry outside; Suncoat’s Cinnamon, a warm shimmering brown.

Shopping Downtown

We’ve added shopping downtown to every season we’ve written about as it is one of those things we enjoy doing whatever the weather – It’s always warm & dry inside the shops. We almost always recommend more universally chic colour suggestions – a little bit different depending on the season. We like warm metallics, glimmering neutrals and even bold, shocking slashes of colour.

What To Wear

Shopping Downtown Nails

Image from pierotaglia

Try Del Sol’s First Kiss, creamy baby pink inside and deep pearly apricot outside; Mavala’s City Slicker Collection, 3 sophisticated neutral shades; Nubar’s Palisade, creamy medium grey; Solaractive’s Clear to Red, shiny topcoat inside and rich, deep red outside; or a-england’s Holy Grail a warm, shimmering gold.

Coffee With Mum

Everyone needs a little one on one time with mum and an afternoon coffee can include a little shopping or be cut short without being too rude – depending on your relationship. πŸ˜‰ We’ll always suggest the classics when spending time with the parents, true reds, lively pinks and sweet apricots. Keep them warm and pearlescent or glimmering for paler winter skin tones.

What To Wear

Coffee With Mum Nails

Image from Phlora

Try Del Sol’s Pretty in Pink, pearly white inside and vivid creamy pink outside; Mavala’s Classics Collection, 3 timeless classic nail colours; Nubar’s Apricot Silk, a shimmering apricot pink; Solaractive’s Baby Pink to Pomegranate, sweet creamy pink inside and bold pomegranate pink outside; Suncoat’s Strawberry Delight, a bold true berry red.

Night Out On The Town

This is another favourite activity regardless of the seasons – it’s always dry on the dance floor and that makes it a great place to be during the dead of winter. This is a time to glam it up and shine like the winter jewell you are, smashing outfits, sharp heels and dramatic entrances. We always tell you to do it up and go brighter than you generally would – it’s night time so bright colours don’t tend to look as garish. Sassy & sparkling is almost always the theme – again lighter skin tones should stick to warmer colour families.

What To Wear

Clubbing Nails

Try Del Sol’s Island Fever, iridescent sea green inside and bright peacock blue outside; Mavala’s Mexico & Violet Duo, deep vampy purple with a brilliant glitter top coat; Nubar’s Silver Mist, a bright metallic silver; Solaractive’s Flashing Lights to Razzle Red, glittering gold inside and bold, party red outside; or Suncoat’s Princess Purple, a warm bright glimmering purple.

Romantic Country Getaway

Winter is a great time for a cozy romantic getaway – it means more time to enjoy indoors without the guilt of what you are missing on the outside. This is a getaway you can almost re-create at home if you are imaginative enough. We recommend lighter, more feminine colours, sheer apricots, sweet pinks and warm, golden brown tones.

What To Wear

Country Getaway Nails

Try Del Sol’s Sassy, creamy pink inside and iridescent apricot outside; Mavala’s Barely There Collection, 3 sweet and subtle colours; Nubar’s Sheer Bliss, sweet shimmering baby rose pink; Solaractive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum, creamy light pink inside and deep lively plum outside; or Suncoat’s Apricot, opaque pearly apricot.

Girls Night In

Although we all love a good girls night out, sometimes a night in is just what your girlfriends ordered. A few bottles of wine, a pack of cards, some great food and excellent company make a girls night a great way to pass a stormy night – for these evenings nail decoration may even be on the evening’s agenda. Whether you are painting pre-party or during the festivities we like bold, girly colours, chic neutrals and creamy pastels.

What To Wear

Girls Night In Nails

Image from Chapendra

Try Del Sol’s Sun Kissed, subdued creamy pink inside and shimmering tangerine outside; Mavala’s Moulin Rouge, 3 essential reds; Nubar’s La Perla Frost, a frosty rose pink; Solaractive’s Flirt to Panzy, creamy metallic grey inside and lively berry pink outside; or Suncoat’s Chic Black, an opaque, matte black.

Feeling Cozy?

We hope so because the dark winter months are a great time to stay inside and practice doing your nails. Whether you are a pro practicing to keep their skills sharp or a novice practicing with their off hand we hope you’ll check out our store to stock up on supplies.


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