What Nail Varnish Colour Suits Your Personality?

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What Your Fave Nail Varnish Colour Says About YouWe’re always trying to provide news ways to select colours and patterns for your nails. So today we wanted to share a little about the colour of personality so you can discover which colour best suits yours.

Finding You

Whether you want to find a colour that suits you or simply find out what your fave colour says about you, we’ve got most of the basics covered below. Whether you love bashful pink or soothing blue we’ve got some of our own ideas about what they say about who you are. It should be noted that absolutely no science was used in creating this article whatsoever, it’s all just for fun.

We like to think outside the box and don’t subscribe to common colour/ personality beliefs. We think that behind every woman is a great nail colour.


Image © Zitona

Red is obviously bold and often called a power colour. While we agree red has its own simmering strength, we prefer to think of it as a softer, more glamorous power – the power of sensuality. Red makes us think of sweet strawberries, hibiscus flowers and tropical sunsets. This is a colour for women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Although this creates a confident, sexy woman with a constant sense of fulfillment, they must work not to become overly self-absorbed.


Image © Aleera*

Pink is often considered a little girl colour, but we to disagree – pink is simply ageless. While it can evoke many moods, from baby toes to the soft shade of bare lips, the underlying theme is femininity. Pink makes us think of cake icing, graceful flamingos and softly flushed cheeks. This is a colour for romantic women who truly appreciate the special moments. Although this creates a happy, thoughtful woman, they must work not to loose themselves in relationships.


Image © meghannash

Purple has long been the colour of royalty and power which gives it an undeniably sensuous feel. This is a luxurious colour that is every bit as feminine as pink, just a little more expensive perhaps. Purple makes us think of velvet dresses, juicy plums and shining amethysts. This is a colour for women who enjoy the finer things in life and work to achieve them. Although this creates a content, self-satisfied woman, they must work at times not to put things before people.


Image © rennes.i

Orange is often thought of as an intense autumn colour, but we like to think of it as more of a summer shade. This is a warm colour with a wholesome, natural feel that has its own sense of power. Orange makes us think of fragrant tiger lilies, tart citrus fruits and bold tribal patterns. This is a colour for women who have an appreciation for nature and enjoy working with their hands. Although this creates a free-spirited, whimsical woman, they must work not to become too isolated.


Image © AnaChristina_

Yellow is often called the colour of sunlight and can even be called the colour of happiness itself. This is a glowing colour with a sunny disposition, whether it’s pastel or neon it can lift your mood. Yellow makes us think of tropical fish, sugary sweet pineapple and soft yellow roses. This is a colour for upbeat women who find their greatest joy in creating something artistic. Although this creates a creative, independent woman, they must work not to become too dotty.



While green is generally associated with nature, it certainly stands for more than just the colour of grass. This is an intense, interesting colour with perhaps more depth than all of the rest. Green makes us think of curled rainforest ferns, opalescent fish scales and carved jade figurines. This is a colour for women who appreciate a sense of order in the world around them. Although this creates a positive, organized woman, they must work not to become overly judgmental of others.


Image © el Buho nº30

We often think of blue as a tranquil colour and it calls to mind images of a brilliant wave lapping white sand shores. This is a cool colour which can be as bold & exciting as it is soothing. Blue makes us think of fruity cocktails, bountiful hydrangeas and intricately designed bone china. This is a colour for women who enjoy the out of doors and make an effort to keep themselves fit. Although this creates an energetic, healthy woman, they must work not to put their body before their mind.



Most of us think of grey as a dour and often masculine colour. But we disagree, it can be as feminine as pink and every bit as sweet. This is a chic, refined colour which conveys good taste. Grey makes us think of tailored overcoats, large land mammals and sleek stainless appliances. This is a colour for serious women who find joy in dedication to their passions. Although this creates a charismatic, spontaneous woman, they must work not to let life responsibilities slide.


Image © Idhren

Black was never just for goths, it’s always had a place on classy hands. Powerful and sophisticated, there is something decidedly formal about black. This is an intense neutral which can enhance a variety of looks. Black makes us think of smokey eyes, lacy lingerie and silken felines. This is a colour for stylish women who put great effort into their appearance. Although this creates a poised, self-assured woman, they must work not become overly vain.

What do You Think?

Did we nail it or what? We had a blast writing this post and then evaluating what we had on our own nails! If you are a professional nail tech be sure to enter the Minx nails giveaway [competition is now closed] and even if you’re not be sure to keep up to date with Inspirationail by subscribing to the our freebie newsletter.


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