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Valentino Beauty PureValentino Beauty Pure came about as a solution to one of the industry’s major problem, inadequate ventilation in nail salons and spas. Fast forward a few years and their products are being used by nail professionals of the A-list celebrities.
Their tagline is “Where Beauty Meets Health” and after seeing the results of their products Inspirationail was all over this story like nail dust in a chop shop.

As our readers know, Inspirationail is all about healthy living, for us healthy is sexy and we strongly believe the natural approach is better in all aspects of life… We also understand that not everyone feels the same, instead of telling you to eliminate certain products and services from your salon (don’t worry we get it, you’re not going to take life instructions from a website) we look for ways to inform on how to minimise risks that all nail professionals have to deal with on a daily basis.

Valentino Beauty Pure GEN VI S

Inspirationail was lucky enough to catch up with Valentino Beauty Pure, find out what they’re all about…

In the Beginning

In the late 90’s the acrylic business was at its peak and the odor in our salon was giving my father, our hair, nail, and sales departments headaches and noticeable mood swings from the morning until the afternoons. There were 35 nail techs doing acrylics and the odor was stifling in the salon. It was coming to a point where all of our colleagues in the industry with salons were throwing out their nail departments to appease the hair stylists’ complaining about odors. We did not want to get rid of our nail department because it was profitable sector of our salon and it help in customer retention.

Valentino Beauty Pure GEN VII S

Our technicians that were working 10 – 12 hours a day were developing acrylic toxicity and were advised to stop doing nails by their doctors. We knew in the 90’s that this had become a problem and we needed to come up with something to alleviate it. If you notice now hair and nails are a separate business where they used to run combined.

The idea of Valentino Beauty Pure first came about in 1999. The challenge was to come up with a functional air filtration system that would be cost effective and do exactly what we intended in the design. We decided to proceed with the idea after David Anthony sold his prior businesses and his father, who at the time was semi-retired, were now able to live their dream and have a father-son business. They went back to their 1999 concept and found that there is still no solution for the ventilation problem that by this time has plagued all salons.

Valentino Beauty Pure GEN V S

The problem has now been around for over 30 years and David Anthony with his father knew they had the solution that finally would work.

We named our product Valentino Beauty Pure after our salon “Valentino’s”. Our newest model is the Valentino Beauty Pure GEN IV S table model that delivers a fashionable smaller solution to harmful dust and odors right at the source. The sleek, ergonomically friendly design is two inches high, and sits between the client and the nail technician, capturing the dust and fumes at the source as you work. The Valentino Beauty Pure system works by utilizing a high quality Polysorb activated carbon media filter treated with an anti-microbial coating, along with a powerful fan that is fully adjustable.

The fan pulls the nail dust and odor down through the filter, leaving nothing but clean air at the source.

How Does it Work

Impressive Resume

In the first year in the business and we won the Readers’ Choice Awards in both NailPro and Nails Magazine for favorite new product and ventilation system in both magazines. We have maintained winning these awards year after year up until the present. As of 2015 on we are in the MiLady Cosmetology Standard Book and all of their nail applications and DVDs are performed over Valentino.

Valentino Beauty Pure GEN IV S

Fun Facts

  • Founded production in 2010 and later that year the first ever Valentino rolled off the line and was ready for sale.
  • Valentino Beauty Pure began trading in June of 2011.
  • The first generation Valentino was launched in 2011. In 2013 we came up with the flush mount design which was being built for table manufacturers and one day David Anthony decided to put the product online and it took off like wild fire. To his surprise nail technicians are willing to cut holes in their tables for the Flush Mount design.
  • Latest product launches include the GEN III in 2014 and presently we are launching the GEN IV S.
  • In June 2014 David Anthony and The Naja teamed up to start VBP International.
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