Undercover Colors: Date Rape Drug-Detecting Nail Polish

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Undercover Colors: Date rape drug-detecting nail polishWow! Undercover Colors is the first fashion company attempting to empower women & prevent sexual assault. Their first product in development is a nail polish that changes colour when it comes in contact with drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax & GHB.

Any women wearing Undercover Colors nail polish can ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger. If her nail polish changes colour, she’ll know that something is wrong & not even take a sip.

Learn More About the Polish

Undercover Colors goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this quietly pervasive crime.

Meet the Team

Undercover Colors co founders: Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tyler Confrey-Maloney,  Tasso Von Windheim: Date rape drug-detecting nail polish
Ankesh Madan Co-Founder
PhD Student at Duke University; Comprehensivist; Yugen; Sonder
Stephen Gray Co-Founder
Tasso Von Windheim Co-Founder
PhD student in ECE at Duke University
Tyler Confrey-Maloney Co-Founder
Hard-working, idealistic, socially-motivated engineer

Find out more about the team & how their great idea came to live in Undercover Colors Q&A with Higher Education Works.

Connect With Undercover Colors

Undercover Colors are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Help Them Get Funded
Undercover Colors have already made it to semifinal round of the K50 startup showcase. Follow Undercover Colors application to help them get accepted.

Donate to their Research & Development efforts via Undercover Colors via Clover Donations.

Inspirationail is all about Revolutionary Nailfare. Undercover Colors, we salute you :).


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