Sweetly Summer Nail Art Tutorials

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Summer Nail Art TutorialsWe’ve declared war on the cold season and are trying to look forward to warmer months. The way we see it, if we think positive something is bound to happen, bring on the thoughts of warm sandy beaches and lapping waves – and of course a cold cocktail… or two.

In Review

We’ve been using what we have learned during the many fashion weeks of the world to give us inspiration for our summer looks. It’s been an educational season and we have plenty of fun tips to share if you are looking for sweetly summer looks. We’ll continue to provide new and unique ways to look at colour for every season and follow them up with tutorial ideas. A big thank you to the lovely ladies who created these talented tutorials.

We’ve got dozens of fun and colourful tutorials to get you in the mood for some summertime fashion.

Summer Tutorials

Summer TutorialsA great selection of tutorials that span a variety of types and styles from bold summer patterns to tropical florals and even a little sunshine. Many of these looks are fun, flirty and rather timeless. We hand selected our summer nail art tutorials to ensure quality videos with easy-to-follow steps.

Summertime Tutorials

Summertime TutorialsA different take on summer tutorials, the summertime tutorials use current fashion trends as the basis for colour selection and artistic ideas. When you think about it nails are an accessory and designers know their accessories. Applying their knowledge to nails just makes sense and we’ve made it easy.

Fruity Tutorials

Fruity TutorialsSummer makes us think of the bright colours found in fruit salad and fruity cocktails. We love the bold ripe shades of fresh fruit and putting it on our nails just makes us feel good… not fruity. We’ve got a great selection of fruit art tutorials from FIMO 3D fun to bold themes to extreme designs.

Tropical Tutorials

Tropical TutorialsAll that fruit makes us think of enjoying it (and some of those fruity drinks) at various tropical locations around the globe. Sometimes a little bit of the hot tropics on your nails can give bring warm beaches to you. We’ve collected a unique list of 9 tropical nail art tutorials to get everyone in the mood for their summertime plans.

World Environment Day Tutorials

World Environment Day TutorialsWorld Environment Day falls on June 5th and is a day to celebrate all that Mother Nature has given us. Those in the beauty industry have a lot to be thankful for so we should celebrate. We found a few fun, flirty and environmentally themed tutorials to help you celebrate your love of nature.

Loving Summer

We realise it’s a little futuristic to be talking about summer, but we like to think positive. If you want something a little more springtime, be sure to check out dozens of spring nail art tutorials for more fab ideas.


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