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Spring Nail Art TutorialsWe are declaring war on winter and have vowed to only think about spring and summer months until they arrive. As far as we are concerned, it already is spring and we’ve got plenty of flower pictures and fun art to prove it.

Looking Back

The beginning of a new year always makes us look back over the past one and that can be very educational when it comes to finding new colours and ideas to wear. In the weeks and months to come we’ll use fashion trends and designer tips to give you the latest and greatest nail trends to suit the season, all wrapped up in handy little tutorials. Many thanks to the ladies who created them for all of their lovely work.

Here are some quick and easy tutorials to help get you inspired for your spring fashions and nail art.

Spring Tutorials

Spring TutorialsA fun variety of tutorials that cover a wide variety of types and styles from soft and sweet, perfect florals and even some 3D art. Many of these looks are super girly and similarly timeless. We hand selected our spring nail art tutorials to ensure quality videos with easy-to-follow steps.

Springtime Tutorials

Springtime TutorialsA different take on spring tutorials, the springtime tutorials use current fashion trends as the basis for colour selection and artistic ideas. When you think about it nails are an accessory and designers know their accessories. Applying their knowledge to nails just makes sense and we’ve made it easy.

Flower Tutorials

Flower Art TutorialsThere is no spring without the flowers, they are simply the most important element. We put together a selection of frilly floral tutorials which make great inspiration for feeling warm and smelling fragrant blossoms in the air. From intricate, lacy designs or bold, colourful 3D petals, we have a tutorial for you.

Real Flower Tutorials

Real Flower Art TutorialsTaking things a step further, there is a technique that allows you to use real dried flowers to garnish your lovely fingertips. We think this is a fun idea and all the better if you collect some of your favourite blooms to use. We’ve collected a great list of real dried flower tutorials to offer inspiration.

Easter Nail Art Tutorials

 Easter TutorialsWe like to incorporate holidays and events into our art, it gives things a festive flair. Our only advice is to keep it simple and not go overboard, sometimes just one nail can be enough. Regardless of how many nails you want to decorate, we’ve got a great list of Easter art tutorials for those who like to sweeten it up.

So Much Art

We have more art and colour selection ideas on the way and we’ll keep sharing them with you. It’s still cold outside, but we can still dream. Here are some tips for choosing varnish shades to beat the winter blues.


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