3D Printed Nail Stopmotion Animation: The Making of TRANSFORMING

By Inspirationail

TRANSFORMING is 3D Printed Nail animation that took about 6 months to make and the final video is is purely a stop-motion animation without use of computer graphics. It’s completely memorising, check out making of the video and the video itself.

“The movie took about 6 month to create.”

The video is purely a stop-motion animation without use of computer graphics.

Go Behind the Scene

Manicurist Hatsuki Furutani worked with a large team with director Mizuki Kawano and Producer Yuna Takayama to create this stop-motion animation on nails. “We printed three-dimensional artificial nails by importing the animation data into the “ProJet 660 Pro” full color 3D printer.

A total of 521 nails were produced by the printer, the thinnest parts measuring only 0.56mm,” says the team. “We attached and replaced the nails to an actual human hand, and filmed frame by frame.”

“Life is truly beautiful because it never stops Transforming” reads the message.

Video Details

Planner/Director: Mizuki Kawano
Producer: Yuna Takayama
Manicurist: Hatsuki Furutani
Art Direction: Ema Mutoh
Visual Effects Producer: Mamoru Iizuka
Visual Effects Supervisor: Takeshi Ozaki
Digital Artist: Yuki Hirakawa,Mitsuhiro Azuma
Cinematography: Ryo Uno
Lighting Designer: Masatsugu Tsuyama
Animator: Ayako Hiroki
Production Assistant: Takatoshi Taniguchi
Editor,Colourist: Masami Nikaido
Mixer: Akari Tatsumi
Mixer Assistant: Hitomi Abe
Music: Kana Yoshizawa
Contrabass: Hikaru Toho
Editor for Making: Minami Yahiro
Supported by TaiyoKikaku co.,ltd.


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