Colour Therapy on Your Nails

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Colour TherapyWe’ve all heard of colour therapy and while you may not subscribe to superstitious ideas, you may be willing to admit that colour does have a (tiny) effect on your mood. Sit in a bright red room for 24 hours and you’ll probably be inclined to agree with us.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy (or chromotherapy) is based on the colours of the 7 chakras located in the body. When the chakras get out of whack from illness or stress, a good dose of the correct colour can help to rebalance the chakras and keep the body healthy. For the sake of argument we’ll use these 7 colours, (it’s the rainbow, after all) explain what each one represents and provide you some brilliant colours you can use on your nails to help balance your own chakras.

While we may not buy into the whole idea, we think colour does affect mood and we’re happy to test that theory.


The first chakra is red and it’s located at the base of the spine. This is the chakra of grounding & survival and it’s associated with sexual organs, kidneys, the spine and olfactory senses. In general terms, red is a powerful colour and one that in nature often signifies danger – it is also the colour of blood. For over a millennium red nails have been a fashionable symbol of power.

What To Wear

Red Nails

Image from Zitona

Try a-england’s Perceval, Del Sol’s Flirt, Mavala’s Satin, Niyot’s Lost Red, Nubar’s Risque Red, SolarActive’s Red to Blackberry or Suncoat’s Strawberry Delight.


The second chakra is orange and it’s located in the lower abdomen. This is the chakra of emotions & sexuality and it’s associated with the urinary tract, circulation system and the reproduction system. Orange itself is usually thought of as a bold warm colour that must be used sparingly not to be overpowering. A sensuous, calming shade we think it’s quite fitting that it’s associated with sexuality.

What To Wear

Orange Nails

Image from Mustafa Sayed

Try Del Sol’s Surfer Girl, Mavala’s Volcanic Orange, Nubar’s Hot Orange, SolarActive’s White Cloud to Red Horizon or Suncoat’s Tangerine.


The third chakra is yellow and it’s located in the solar plexus. This is the chakra of power & ego and it’s associated with the stomach, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Yellow is often associated with sunlight and is a warm, shimmering colour that has been known to lift spirits & enhance moods. This is another shade that needs to be used wisely, but you have to appreciate its bold, bright attitude.

What To Wear

Yellow Nails

Image from AnaChristina_

Try a-england’s Holy Grail, Mavala’s Acid Yellow, Nubar’s Yellow Primrose, SolarActive’s Wild Pineapple to Dark Forest or Suncoat’s Gold.


The fourth chakra is green and it’s located in the heart. This is the chakra of love & sense of responsibility and it’s associated with the heart, lungs and thymus. Green is a colour that makes most of us think of nature, it’s cool and calming and comes in a variety of organic shades. It’s not always easy to use on nails, but it’s certainly a shade we use anyway.

What To Wear

Green Nails

Image from Swamibu

Try Del Sol’s Spike, Mavala’s Electric Green, Nubar’s Hot Green, SolarActive’s Spiced Lime to Blackberry or Suncoat’s Gorgeous Green.


The fifth chakra is blue and it’s located in the throat. This is the chakra of physical & spiritual communication and it’s associated with the throat, ears, mouth and hands. The colour blue has long been associated with tranquility and calmness – it’s a cool shade that makes most think of water. Not always easy to wear on nails, we think it’s worth it for a calming presence.

What To Wear

Blue Nails

Image from Hanna_Elise

Try a-england’s Galahad, Del Sol’s Electrik, Mavala’s Paradise Blue, Nubar’s Navy Blue, SolarActive’s Smurf Blue to Purple or Suncoat’s Mermaid Blue.


The sixth chakra is purple and it’s located just above the brow line in the center of the forehead. This is the chakra of forgiveness, compassion & understanding and it’s associated with the eyes and pineal glands. Purple has been used as a power colour since the days of the great Egyptian Pharaohs. It’s one of our favourite colours here at Inspirationail and it makes a great strong alternative to power red.

What To Wear

Purple Nails

Image from punctuated

Try a-england’s Avalon, Del Sol’s Calypso, Mavala’s Milano, Nubar’s Passionate Purple, SolarActive’s Ocean Blue to Midnight Purple or Suncoat’s Purple Haze.

Violet – We’ll Call it Pink

The seventh chakra is pink and it’s located on the crown of the head. This is the chakra of energy connection & transmission of ideas and it’s associated with the pituitary gland, central nervous system and cerebral cortex. Although we are cheating a little using pink, they are similar enough to suit the warm, spirit of this happy shade.

What To Wear

Pink Nails

Image from Kat…B

Try a-england’s Iseult, Del Sol’s Sassy, Mavala’s Ruby, Nubar’s Geisha Blaze, SolarActive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum or Suncoat’s Rose.

How’s Your Balance?

Think this bit of colour therapy will help, we hope so. While we don’t recommend this in any way as medically valid, we do find it quite interesting. Be sure to head to our store for some colour shopping therapy.


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