Choosing Varnish Shades for Summer

By Inspirationail

Summer NailsFor the past few weeks we’ve been doing a series on colour and having a blast deciding what to wear. We’ve given some advice for big events, for common parties and even for day to day activities and today we want to get everyone ready for summertime.

What to Wear

We love summer, it means long days, warm evenings, summer holidays and actually enjoying holding a cold drink. Summer opens up the colour spectrum to women with paler skin tones – a little summer sun makes them a more adaptable backdrop. Paler tones should always stick to warmer shades (the paler you are, the warmer you should go) but lucky darker tones can wear whatever they damn well please!

Think bright, tropical houses and colourful, fruit-filled cocktails when you paint those nails for summer.

At The Beach

Our first example and our favourite place to be during the summer months. We love sea breezes that cause palms fronds to sway, and how cute our brightly painted toes look peeking out of the sand. Summer sun gives you a bronze glow and allows you to go as bright or as unique as you dare.

What To Wear

Beach Nails

Image from abby fleur

Try Del Sol’s Surfer Girl, light, girly pink inside and bright tangerine outside; Mavala’s Pure Diamond & Gold Diamond Duo, brilliant glitter shades; Nubar’s Hot Blue a bold, neon blue; Solaractive’s Wild Pineapple to Dark Forest, bright, fruity yellow inside and deep, dusky purple outside; or Suncoat’s Almond Nude, a pearlescent, sheer nude colour, reminiscent of tanned summer skin.

At The Park

A day (or even an afternoon) at the park can do wonders for your soul. Touching nature and enjoying the sunshine is a must for everyone from time to time. Take a few macro flower pictures and sip a tumbler of wine, just make sure your nails are up to the task. We like softer, more natural shades for these outdoor moments (or a little humour). But really, let Mother Nature take center stage!

What To Wear

Park Nails

Image from hhhhales

Try Del Sol’s Reckless, girly, creamy white inside and pale, shimmering pink outside; Mavala’s Barely There Trio, 3, sweet and subtle shades; Nubar’s Pharaoh Purple, a deep lavender cream; Solaractive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum, sweet, light pink inside and lively plum outside; Suncoat’s Apricot, the sweetest pearlescent apricot shade.

Shopping Downtown

All of us will do a little summer shopping, it’s the best time of the year to wear our favourite outfits. The trick is not just to look better than the rest of the ladies out there, it’s to look like we have lots of money to spend. We like subtle shades & classic red, but we also like a little sass – and it’s either full shine or deep matte for this daytime outing.

What To Wear

Shopping Downtown Nails

Image from gnsk

Try Del Sol’s Prima Donna, bold electric pink inside and deep burgundy outside; Mavala’s Tres Chic Trio, 3 elegant jewell tones; Nubar’s Cozumel Coral, a soft bisque pearl tone; Solaractive’s Baby Pink to Pomegranate, soft, subdued pink inside and brilliant, sassy pink outside; or Suncoat’s Berry a deep, intense shade of berry red.


Dates during the day can be good and bad, sometimes the cover of dark makes things more mysterious and exciting. However, we can’t deny that a pretty day is a nice thing to share with a handsome fellow. Our advice is to keep it simple, whether or not you want to go bright is up to you, but leave the glitter at home. You don’t want your nails to hurt his eyes.

What To Wear

Shopping Downtown Nails

Image from joey

Try Del Sol’s Flirt, sweet pearlescent pink inside and deep, fiery scarlet outside; Mavala’s Classics Collection, 3 classic favourites; Nubar’s Sheer Bliss, a soft, glimmering light rose pink; Flirt to Panzy, creamy light grey inside and lively, berry pink outside; Suncoat’s French Pink, a sweet shade of barely-there pink.


There is nothing like a night out in the summertime. It’s warm enough to wear your slinkiest little outfit and sexy sandals – you want your nails to continue with the sultry, summery vibe. Never mind you will be inside a dark club, your nails will be the hottest ones there! for clubbing anything goes, go bright, go white, go goth, go neon – it really depends on your scene. We’ve recommended something for everyone.

What To Wear

Clubbing Nails

Image from Vivian Viola

Try Del Sol’s Foxy, brilliant, bold pink inside and deep jewell tone purple outside; Mavala’s Mexico & Violet Diamond Duo, a deeply vamp purple accented with sweet, lavender glitter; Nubar’s Hot Lime, the perfect shade of neon lime; Solaractive’s Sequined Silver to Vamp Red, glittering silver inside and deep, sparkling red outside; or Suncoat’s Silver, a lovely gunmetal grey, silver colour.


Although we can’t deny that they are usually more fun in theory than in practice, we still love roadtrips. Until there is a full bladder involved, then suddenly wherever you wanted to get to seems much less important. This has to be a low maintenance foray so keeping it basic is a must, we like shimmering barely-there colours and soft pastels. Did anyone remember to bring varnish remover?

What To Wear

Roadtrip Nails

Image from lisbokt

Try Del Sol’s Electrick, sweet, pastel blue inside and bright sea foam green outside; Mavala’s City Slicker Collection, 3 basic but sophisticated shades; Nubar’s Sky Sparkles, a light, glittery blue; Solaractive’s Smurf Blue to Purple, bright, smurfy blue inside and light lavender outside; or Suncoat’s Cotton Candy, a lovely opaque powder pink.

Lounging At Home

There is something to be said for spending your holiday lounging at home. We like the idea of being lazy in the place where our hectic life generally unfolds. It’s nice to see what the midmorning sun looks like streaming through our bedroom window. For some of these lazy days we may want to feel like a beauty queen, for others a slug, so we say anything goes at your own place!

What To Wear

Lounging Nails

Image from sunandshower

Try Del Sol’s Calypso, fresh, shiny pink inside and bright grape purple outside; Mavala’s Ruby & Pink Diamond Duo, a lovely pink ruby colour with a rich, pink glitter accent; Nubar’s Amazon Coral, a warm orange pink tone; Solaractive’s Apricot to Red Apple, barely-there apricot inside and bold apple red outside; or Suncoat’s Crystal Clear Top Coat, for those days when you just can’t be bothered.

Cocktail Party

Summer cocktail parties are when Team Inspirationail get to show off our fave cocktail dresses. Although we like the less formal kind of gathering too, there is nothing like getting all dolled up and feeling sophisticated. This is generally an late afternoon or evening occasion and the idea is to be classy, but to stand out from the crowd. Think perfectly scarlet or luscious purple, jewell tones abound.

What To Wear

Cocktail Nails

Image from kittynailblog

Try Del Sol’s Heartbreaker, sparkly ruby red inside and deep amethyst purple outside; Mavala’s Madras & Red Diamond Duo, two glamourous red shades; Nubar’s Dark Castle, a deep charcoal grey; Solaractive’s Clear to Red, shiny topcoat inside and deep, rich red outside; or Suncoat’s Pearl White, a delicate white with pearl finish.

Feeling Summery?

We hope so, we are ready for the long days and armed with a cosmetic bag full of our favourite varnishes. If you liked these, be sure to check out some polish ideas for the daily grind.


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