Stockholm Fashion Week on Your Nails

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Stockholm Fashion Week on Your NailsWednesday was the conclusion of Stockholm Fashion Week and although it isn’t as mainstream as some of the other cities, we can take something away from their designer trends.

Fashion Report

The idea is to stay up on the latest trends on the catwalk and apply that knowledge to your nails, cosmetics and wardrobe. We’ve got a chart of fashion weeks to drool over and will provide our readers with a quick guide for putting the latest fashion trends on their nails. We’ve already given you some tips for spring/ summer 2012 colour trends and followed up on Paris haute couture fashion week – we can’t wait to see what walks down the catwalk next!

We believe in preparation, and what better time to prepare for the new year ahead than when it’s too cold to outside?

Stockholm Fashion Week 2012

Here we will share a few of the designers whose fashions made their way down the catwalk this year. For each one we’ll provide you a boiled down version of their overall looks and links to corresponding items in our store.


The overall look of the Rodebjer line is bold and blocky. Deep metallics, sold blocky brights, strong neutrals and extreme textures.

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This line seems appropriate given the weather outside, it makes us want to snuggle up in something warm. The simplicity of the look is easy to achieve on nails using strong colours in keeping with deep winter hues.

Odd Molly

The overall look of the Odd Molly line is warm, sexy and fun. Sparkling bright colours, shimmering neutrals, unexpected patterns and sensuously peek-through textures.

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This is a fun, girly look for winter and we love its youthful glow. Even better, re-creating it with cosmetics is super easy and can almost be done with your eyes closed. Think brash colour mixes and sexy shapes.

Hernández Cornet

The overall look of the Hernández Cornet line is industrial chic. Soft colours, monochromatic looks, deep neutrals and smooth sleek textures.

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While it’s not our favourite look, it has a strange charm to it. Sort of like a chemical factory and a fashion warehouse collided. Simple industrial ideas are updated with feminine colours and softer lines.


The overall look of the Mayla line is sophisticated with a hint of 30’s retro. Deep intense colours, dark shimmering neutrals, simple chic lines and feminine shiny textures.

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The look of this collection is as understated as it is feminine. We love the clinging lines and sensuous fabrics as well as the deeper, more intense use of colour. This line definitely has some grown up sex appeal.


The overall look of the Boomerang line is classic, tailored style. Deep rustic colours, high contrast, tailored lines and heavy inviting textures.

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This look screams a weekend on the slopes to us and we appreciate it’s casual vibe. We like swanky nails no matter what we are wearing and this casual line is an easy one to both re-create and enhance on your nails.

Filippa K

The overall look of the Filippa K line is colourful and unstructured. Deep background neutrals, bold swathes of colour, flowing lines and unique textures.

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This line has a decidedly urban chic feel to it and the pieces are simple yet somewhat timeless. The colours flow together making the line incredibly wearable and fun to mix and match. We like the idea of carrying that over onto nails. Why not try one coloured nail on a field of deep grey?

More Fashion Weeks = More Advice

If you haven’t already be sure to check out advice from last week’s Paris Fashion Week (we featured new colour’s from the a-england collection – win one today!). Next week we’ll share a quick fashion events calendar to help you plan ahead.


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