Silicon for Healthy Nails

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AvocadosKnown as a beauty mineral, silicon is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. It is also present in bone, blood vessels, cartilage, tendons, skin, hair & nails.

This mineral is essential for the healthy functioning of nerve cells & tissues, the synthesis of vitamins & the transmission of nerve impulses.

Not called the beauty mineral for nothing, getting enough silicon in your diet will keep your skin clear, your hair strong and your nails supple.

Fingernails contain significant levels of silicon & consuming ample quantities improves health & quality of nails while protecting them against infection.

Food Sources

There is a wide variety of fantastic options.

OnionsAnimal Sources

Fruit & Veg Sources
Whole grains, rice, lettuce, cucumbers, avocados, strawberries, root vegetables, apples, cabbage, onions, carrots, honey, beets, bell peppers, cabbage, eggplant, corn & oranges.

Signs of Deficiency

The first signs of inadequate silicon are often manifested in the skin, hair & nails which become brittle & fragile.

Food is Good For Your Nails

Eating a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit & vegetables and avoiding processed foods is a good way to ensure that your body gets the silicon it needs to keep those nails healthy.

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