Selenium for Healthy Nails

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CheeseLike many of the minerals that are important to nails, selenium is essential to our health but only found in small traces within the body.

It is incorporated into proteins with antioxidant properties, some of which help to prevent things like cancer & heart disease, while others regulate the thyroid gland.

Plants are the largest dietary sources of selenium & food content depends on the level of the mineral in the soil where it grows.

Important for tissue repair and retaining skin elasticity, this mineral also helps to keep nails flexible & promotes healthy nail growth.

Food Sources

There are a plenty of yummy sources.

KashaAnimal Sources
Cod, shrimp, snapper, tuna, halibut, salmon, beef, cheese, milk, pork, turkey (white meat), chicken & eggs.

Fruit & Veg Sources
Brazil nuts (most highly concentrated source), rice, oats, walnuts, whole grains & mushrooms.

Signs of Deficiency

When you aren’t getting enough selenium in your diet you may notice a whitening of fingernail beds and your nails may become brittle and dry.

Who Knew Selenium Was So Important?

Only recently has the scientific community fully realised the importance of this mineral. However the evidence is overwhelming to us that it is an important component in strong, & healthy nails.

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