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Inspirationail's Colour SchoolNow that we’ve had the grand opening of the Inspirationail Colour School and covered the basics it’s time to move on to ever-complicated material. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated and we’ve tried to create graphics that illustrate the principles for all of you visual learners out there.

Understanding the Colour Wheel

Hopefully after our first lesson you feel more comfortable with the colour wheel and you’ve decided that it’s your friend. We like the idea of an ever-expanding wheel of colour and are willing to bet the artist in you does too. Now that you understand how the spectrum starts with the three primary colours and grows from there, we can take a look at how to further manipulate those colours & create an even wider array of shades.

Either you are a warm or a cool. Take a look at your closet and you’ll know right away which one you are.

Warm & Cool Colours

There is quite bit of speculation regarding the emotional states that can be brought on by colour. A blue room doesn’t always mellow Team Inspirationail out and sometimes we wear red…even when we are feeling shy. However, warm colours don’t have to make you feel warm to be warm and same goes for cool tones.

Warm & Cool Colours

Warm & Cool Colours

Warm – This spectrum starts at reddish purples like maroon & burgundy, into red, orange, yellow and ends with golden greens like lime and olive.

Cool – This spectrum starts with pink into bluish purples like violet and lavender, into blue, blue-greens and ends with deep greens.

In Conclusion

Whether or not warms or cools can actually evoke the feeling their name implies, it is important to understand which is which. This helps in matching skin tones, wardrobes and other cosmetics. It should also be noted that black, white & grey are considered neutral.

Next Week’s Lesson

If you haven’t already, be sure to go check out the colour basics and stay tuned for next week’s lesson about tints, shades & tones.


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