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Inspirationail's Colour SchoolWelcome to the grey week of Team Inspirationail’s Colour School, if you haven’t already be sure to check out lessons on the basics, warm & cool hues, tints, shades & tones and colour combos. We’ve already covered red, pink, yellow & green, and this week we are looking at the best colours to match with lovely grey.

An Educated Guess

Grey is a little different than the other colours we’ve looked at because it is a neutral. So we can’t use the colour wheel methods we’ve been using to establish different combinations. In fact, essentially any colour is fair game when it comes to grey. So we are going to help you discover the best colours to wear with grey on you.

Even though grey is neutral, we still have a few matching tricks up our sleeves.

Gorgeous Grey

Those who have visited past lessons probably know that we often suggest grey nails with bright colours. It’s a great neutral, and charcoal is our fave alternative (almost preference) to stark black.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Skin Tone Matters

Grey has the benefit of looking great on everyone, however lighter tones (especially creamy ones) can be difficult to wear on nails. For once, lighter skinned divas can wear most of the grey spectrum – but we like sparkling shiny silvers. Darker skinned lovelies look great in shimmering and glittery colours, but mattes and intense creams should be avoided. They can make skin look ashy.

Neutral Grey

Grey is one of the few colours you can literally get away with from head to toe – mixing and matching shades even. We really like this about grey – it’s a Team Inspirationail staple because it ‘goes with everything‘. You can still use the colour wheel to help you decide what to wear with grey, but the fun part is you can literally spin the wheel and use the colour it stops on! Here we’ll provide a more structured example of that and cover the most basic colours.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Primary Colours

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue and they are the most basic of colours. Each one of them looks fab with grey, but it’s all about the shades you choose. For dark grey try deep, bright red, creamy baby yellow, and soft, shimmering baby blue. For light grey you can generally go darker, try creamy apple, shocking yellow, or deep, iridescent blue.

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are created by mixing different combinations of the primary colours. Red & blue make purple, red & yellow make orange and blue & yellow make green. Not quite as stark & bright as primary colours, these three have plenty to offer when it comes to nails. For dark greys try sweet, creamy lavender, bright, sunny orange and pastel green. For light greys try deep, vampy purple, bold, rusty orange or deep, emerald green.

Tertiary Colours

Tertiary colours are created by combining the three primary and three secondary colours, and there are six of them in total. Reddish-orange, yellowish-orange, yellowish-green, greenish-blue, blueish-purple and purplish-red (pink). All of which we can wear next to grey with our eyes closed. We’ll spare you the entire list and pick colour combo highlights. For dark grey try sweet peachy orange, bold, creamy mauve, or shiny turquoise. For lighter grey tones try deep berry purple, brash tangerine or spiced lime.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Inspirationail’s Picks

We like using our colour wheel to help find combinations we’d never have come up with. However, we also utilize our keen fashion sense to help keep our style cutting edge (& we have plenty of that). For most grey shades we like a shiny iridescent blues, sweet pinks and deep, glittering amethyst.

Your Two Cents

In the end, you have to make the decision…you are the one wearing the grey. We’ve given you a few new ideas (and a few tried & true ones). Please leave us your grey-matching faves in the comments below, we’d love to hear them! And, stay tuned because we have more fun planned next week with a lesson dedicated to matching your black. Sounds easy, right?


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