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Inspirationail's Colour SchoolWelcome to the green week of Team Inspirationail’s Colour School, if you haven’t already be sure to check out lessons on the basics, warm & cool hues, tints, shades & tones and colour combos. We’ve already covered red, pink & yellow and this week we are looking at the best colours to match with gorgeous green.

An Educated Guess

Green is a colour that can be shared by almost all skin tones & even darker shades can compliment pale skin. This is a colour that can work in varying degrees and it almost always looks good. That said, it’s always best to remember that too much of a good thing isn’t always good. Team Inspirationail avoids going head to toe in any one colour. Especially with green, or you run the risk of looking camo – and that is so last week.

Here are a few tips you can utilize to help you decide what to wear with any shade of green.

Glamourous Green

We aren’t always a big fan of green on nails unless there is a good reason. It can work in some situations but we like it better used in other places. However, we love the fact that there are a lot of lovely varnish shades that pop next to a field of green.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Skin Tone Matters

Part of what we like so much about green is that it really can suit everyone’s skin. For lighter skinned divas we like creamy pastel greens and brighter golden greens – both look great year round. As usual, darker skinned lovelies have a spectrum of green options no matter what the weather. However we do recommend avoiding shimmering pale greens, as they may make skin look ashy.

Secondary Green

Regardless how much green is in your ensemble, we generally recommend avoiding it when it comes to cosmetics (other than on the eyes). However, it’s easy to match your varnish with almost any green shade out there. To learn more about secondary colours be sure to check out our colour basics lesson. There are several ways you can use the colour wheel to help you decide what to wear with your green.

Colour Wheelsl

Complimentary Colours

Complimentary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and provide a very high degree of contrast. Calling them compliments is kind of silly considering green’s compliment is red. Interestingly enough, while we don’t recommend green varnish when wearing red, it can be appropriate the other way around. Try shimmering strawberry red, dusky sunset red or deep matte berry red.

Analogous Colours

Analogous colours are directly next to each other on the colour wheel and tend to have more matching properties. green’s nearest neighbors are greenish-blue and yellowish-green, both of which can work quite well with lovely green. We like creamy lime greens, deeper warm greens and bold sea blue.

Colour Wheelsl

Triad Colours

Triad colours are equally spaced out along the colour wheel & similar to compliments they offer higher contrast. In green’s case it’s orange and purple (both also secondary colours). These are perhaps more difficult to match, but still absolutely doable. We simply advise balancing tones and keeping colours softer. Try sweet, light tangerine, bright corals and glimmering grape purple.


Split-complimentary colours start with one base colour and then take the two colours next to it’s compliment. Sounds confusing, but the concept is simple. When we use green as our base, it’s split-compliments are pink and reddish orange. Both of which look like lovely flowers against a green backdrop and that makes us think of summer! For a fresh look try soft delicate pink, pearlescent sienna or bold honeysuckle pink.

Green Eye

Inspirationail’s Picks

We like using our colour wheel to help find combinations we’d never have come up with. However, we also rely on our fashion sense to help make sense of these decisions (& we have enough of that). For most green shades we like a sexy pearl apricot, glittering steel grey and baby rose pink.

Your Two Cents

In the end, you have to make the decision…you are the one wearing that green. We’ve given you a few new ideas (and a few tried & true ones). Please leave us your green-matching ideas in the comments below, we’d love to hear them! And, stay tuned because we have more fun planned next week with a lesson dedicated to matching your grey.


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