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Inspirationail's Colour SchoolWelcome to the beige week of Team Inspirationail’s Colour School, if you haven’t already be sure to check out lessons on the basics & colour combos. We’ve already covered red, pink, yellow, green, grey, black, white & brown and this week we are looking at the best colours to match with becoming beige.

An Educated Guess

Similar to brown beige isn’t technically a neutral. However, it’s extreme adaptability begs to differ and for the sake of simplicity we are going to lump it into the neutral category. Beige can be both easy to wear and a goes-with-everything kind of colour, however it’s important to be selective about shades and fabrics.

Even though beige is basically neutral & consequentially easy to match, we can give you some tips for making beige all it can be.

Bare in Beige

Team Inspirationail thinks that beige is a great choice as long as there is an added element involved. Think soft, shimmering fabrics and alluringly pearlescent beige lingerie. Essentially beige is a nude colour so it blends in with flesh, the added element of pearl or sparkle takes an ordinarily dreary colour and gives it sensual appeal.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Skin Tone Matters

Beige is warm and neutral, which makes it easy to work with. We live by three beige rules:
1. Never wear beige from head to toe (too blah).
2. Never wear a beige swim suit (might as well go naked).
3. Avoid polyester and any polyester-ish fabrics (really goes without saying).

Lighter skinned divas should stick to sheer beiges in soft shades with golden undertones, avoiding overly creamy or matte. Darker skinned lovelies can get away with a little more and the contrast can be quite lovely, try deeper, tones and pair them with a bold highlight colour.

Neutral Beige

For those who know how to wear it well, beige is a fantastic neutral staple. It’s light enough to feel summery and Team Inspirationail likes it because some of us are allergic to white (ahem, or just cannot for the life of us keep it clean). Whether it’s our cool linen pants, our fave silk shirt or the sexiest pair of lacy panties, beige has more sex appeal than you’d think at first glance. We admit that beige on the nails isn’t always a pretty sight, but when it comes to matching with beige, the sky’s the limit!

Inspirationail's Colour School

Primary Colours

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue and they are the basic set of colours. These are bold colours, which in this case makes them a fine match indeed. Try vibrant warm reds, buttery golden yellows or bright sparkling blues.

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours are created through different combinations of the three primary colours. Red & blue make purple, red & yellow make orange and blue & yellow make green. Not as high contrast as the primary colours, the secondary colours are still bright & just as easy to match with beige. Try sparkling berry purples, bright sunny corals and deep leaf greens.

Tertiary Colours

Tertiary colours are created by combining the three primary and three secondary colours, and there is six of them in total. Reddish-orange, yellowish-orange, yellowish-green, greenish-blue, blueish-purple and purplish-red (pink). As you can see, the more we mix the colours together the more diluted they become. This creates muted tones which are easier to match & the tertiaries are all a great match for beige. We’ll spare you the entire list and pick colour combo highlights. Try sweet peaches, deep sunset oranges or bold, shiny sea blues.

Inspirationail's Colour School

Inspirationail’s Picks

We like using our colour wheel to help find combinations we’d never have come up with. However, we also like to sharpen our fashion sense every day and use it to find matches the colour wheel couldn’t imagine. 😉 For beige we can go as daring as we want so we always like shiny blacks, deep dusky reds and vivid corals.

Your Two Cents

In the end, you have to make the decision…you are the one wearing the beige. We’ve given you a few new ideas (and a few tried & true ones). Please leave us your beige-matching faves in the comments below, we’d love to hear them! And, stay tuned because we have more fun planned next week with a lesson dedicated to matching your blue.


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