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Inspirationail's Colour SchoolWe’ve decided to open our very own colour school, Inspirationail style! Here we will introduce you to the colour wheel and provide some of the basics to help you in your artistic endeavors. Not all of us took art classes in school, so for those of you who missed the lessons, we’ll give you a brief rundown (with lots of images & examples).

Understanding the Colour Wheel

Believe it or not the colour wheel is your friend, and the ability to sit and look at the spectrum is surprisingly inspirationail. It’s a very basic tool that when used properly can help you with nail art and beyond. Colour is a part of everyone’s life to some degree, (yes, even you goths – black is a colour you know). For the next few weeks we’ll drop another quick lesson that will teach you all you need to know about colours and how to match them up.

Life is all about colour and we think you should use as many of them as possible!

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colours

Although the actual colour spectrum is essentially endless, there are some basic colour groups that, when combined, create all of the rest. These are the most basic of colours and essential staples in everyone’s varnish arsenal.

Primary Colours

Primary Colours
Primary colours are the three basic colours from which all others spring to life. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Secondary Colours

Secondary Colours
Secondary colours are created when primary colours are combined. There are three secondary colours: red & yellow make orange, blue & yellow make green and red & blue make purple.

Tertiary Colours

Tertiary Colours
Tertiary colours are created by combining primary and secondary colours. There are six tertiary colours: redish-orange, orangeish-yellow, yellowish-green, greenish-blue, blueish-purple & purpleish-red. Those aren’t technical names, mind you, but they convey the idea.

In Conclusion

These shades can simply become more and more diluted by the one next to them. The colourwheel can continue to expand almost infinitely by combining and creating new colours from the primary, secondary & tertiary.

Next Week’s Lesson

Hope you enjoyed our first colour lesson. Next week we’ll take a look at warm & cool colours – what are they? How do you recognize them? And what does it mean? Be sure to head over to our store to find some brands that care about you and the environment.


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