8 Cool Ways to Reuse Nail Varnish Bottles

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Nail Varnish Bottles

Image from Richard Holdon

Nail varnish is toxic to the environment, which is why we love (and only sell) non-toxic nail polish. Conventional nail polish is made with so many chemicals that it must be disposed of properly.

A Natural Approach

We think it’s important to be beautiful, but not at the expense of Mother Earth. There are plenty of brands who agree with us and they are part of what inspired this article.

Did you know that unused nail varnish should be recycled or disposed of with other paints as hazardous household waste?

There are plenty of ways you can use up excess polish and once you’ve finished the bottle, most of them can be recycled. Of course reusing is just as friendly to the environment, especially glass which is handy for a number of uses.

Doing Your Part Can Be Useful

1. Touch Up Jobs– Use bottles for paint touch ups. When you paint a room, save a small amount of colour for future touch ups.

2. Smell Good At All Times – A great (and portable) way to store essential or scented oils. Clean the lid and brush to use as an applicator.

Scented Oils

Image from Lan Bui

3. Stay Moisturised – Fill with vegetable oil (& a drop or two of your favorite scented oil) and use lid and brush to apply the oil to your cuticles daily.

4. Ring Stash – Decorate the bottle (with another colour you don’t wear anymore) as a colourful way to store rings.

5. Crafty Case – Store glitter, beads and other small craft supplies.

Toes in the Sand

Image from JPhilipson

6. Take Your Holiday Home – Fill them with a handfull of sand from every beach you’ve ever visited.

7. Customise Your Colours – Use bottles for mixing exciting new colours from other unwanted varnishes.

8. Continue Life – Store seeds for planting, label the outside using another old polish.

Tiny Seeds

Image from photofarmer

Don’t Forget About the Rest of the Bottle

Nail varnish brushes are generally well made and can be useful for crafts and mixing other paints.

Remember, if you want to get rid of old varnish, contact your local waste management authority for safe and proper disposal.

Be sure to check out our store to see a great variety of environmentally conscious brands & products.


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