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@Inspirationail Re-Pin Nail Exchange Guidelines.  To be added email us at pinterest@inspirationail.comHi fellow pinners,

Thanks for taking time to read these guidelines for the Re-Pin Nail Exchange. These rules are pretty basic and in place to give everyone the best experience whether following, pinning or just browsing the Repin Exchange.

The Guidelines

1. If you are invited to pin to the board, you’re advised to turn off your email notifications located at Edit Board / Re-Pin Nail Exchange & set “Email” to ’No’ or you will receive a lot of email.

2. We ask that you don’t pin hundreds of items to the exchange at once, it’s a growing community and we want everyone to feel involved.

3. Have fun and pin your best stuff (nails only please). Pinterest is for our entertainment, so let’s keep it fun!

4. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest info about the Repin board.

5. It’s all about socializing. Be sure to visit the sites that are pinned and make friends with nail pinners on other networks (Facebook, Twitter etc).

6. Pining or repinning non-related content will result in you being “Blocked”. “Blocking removes all of the pins the person added, people they invited, and any pins those people pinned.” Source: Pinterest.
We hope to never need to use this tool.

7. If you’d like to be added as a Pinner email us your Pinterest user name at pinterest [at] – we won’t reply to your email.

8. To be removed from the board, simply ‘Unfollow’ the board, we won’t hold it against you but you w ill be missed.


Thanks to everyone who’s involved and shared their fab nails. We are loving your designs and hope to see many more!


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