Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on Your Nails

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Paris Fashion Week on Your NailsToday is the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Edition and we’ve been drooling over the many amazing designs. This is one seriously fashionable event and we are excited to show you some of the underlying trends.

Fashion Report

The idea is to stay up on couture trends and apply them directly to your nails. We’ve charted all of the upcoming fashion weeks across the globe and will be sharing what we’ve learned about fashion and colour trends with our readers. We’ve already given you some tips for spring/ summer 2012 colour trends and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

It’s never too early to start planning for next season. Besides, it’s cold outside, almost every season is better than this one!

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012

Here we will share a few of the top designers whose fashions waltzed down the catwalk and provide you a boiled down version of their overall looks. This information can be used for fashion, cosmetics or nails – we’ve also linked to corresponding items in our store to get you started.


The overall look of the Versace line is futuristic and clean. Lively metallics, bold unexpected colours, glittering neutrals and thick luxurious fabrics.

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Versace is returning to the Haute Couture catwalk after an 8 year hiatus. His 2012 couture line is as playful as it is futuristic. We love the use of texture and the unexpected splashes of colour, which is a fun way to recreate this look on your nails.

Christian Dior

The overall look of the Christian Dior line is extreme glamour. Soft neutrals, rich intense brights, simple lacy patterns and highly mixed textures.

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The boldly retro looks in this collection had us wanting one of each. Huge dresses with full skirts make us think of princess gown and we’d love to take one dancing. This collection screams polished glam and that means keeping cosmetics clean and simple.


The overall look of the Chanel line is retro airline glam. Glittering blues, deep darks, sleek lines and uniquely applied textures.

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The whole show was quite a production, with a runway set like an airplane. The fashion did the setting justice and found a sweet balance between retro chic and playful modern. This is an easy look to achieve on your nails as well.

Alexis Mabille

The overall look of the Alexis Mabille line is boudoir beautiful. Amazingly bold colours, soft feminine neutrals, flowing lines and sweetly sheer textures.

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This line has a blatantly come hither look to it that encompasses a unique combination of ethnic details with slightly seventies glam. The looks are highly monochromatic, but the colours are so fabulous who cares!

Stephane Rolland

The overall look of Stephane Rolland line uses shocking colours, crisp black & white, super structured and soft heavy fabrics.

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This look has futuristic written all over it, he has gone into the future rather than into the past. We like the bold styling and structured details. The colour scheme is simple, but that allows you to personalise it on your nails.

Basil Soda

The overall look of the Basil Soda line is slinky, sexy & slightly otherworldly. Soft muted colours, velvety neutrals, flowing form-fitting lines and sinfully slinky textures.

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This is perhaps Inspirationail’s favourite collections of PFW. The colours are feminine but super simple leaving the shapes, textures and fabrics to speak for themselves. Queen dresses are much hotter than princess dresses in our book!

More Fashion Weeks = More Advice

If you haven’t already be sure to check out advice from last autumn’s fashion weeks for this coming spring/ summer season and stay tuned, next time it’s Stockholm Fashion Week.


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