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Party NailsWe said it last week and we’ll say it again, what you wear on your nails is a highly personal decision. Here we will provide ideas, but we want you to run with them and adapt them to suit you! The only thing we do expect, is that you’ll choose earth friendly brands. Don’t let us down.

What To Wear

Let’s face it, although there are millions of parties held every year most of them can be boiled down into a few categories. Most of us have been to at least one or two of these & probably more. Our choices are fairly generalized, but we offer a bit of advice for your choices and a few options from our store to get you feeling colourful.

It’s about efficient planning. Choose your wardrobe, cosmetics & accessories long before you start putting them on.


Ahh, outdoor parties. Meat cooking on the grill, girls in bikini’s and plenty of cold refreshments…if only summertime lasted all year round. Lucky for us it’s on the way and BBQ weather will be here soon enough. We say, keep it bright and bold. It’s summertime and tanned skin is the best backdrop for bright colours – live it up while you can!

What To Wear

Yellow Nails

Image from AnaChristina_

Try Del Sol’s Pretty in Pink, iridescent white inside and brilliant, shimmering pink outside; Nubar’s Hot Red, an eye-catching, sunny orange/ red; Solaractive’s Canary Yellow to Red Robin, light, creamy canary inside and creamy robin red outside; or Suncoat’s Sienna, a bold, rusty red.

Bridal or Baby Shower

Showers tend to follow a similar order whether they are for a wedding or a new arrival. So we’ve lumped them together because we think the same colours should apply. Pink is a common theme here as we think it is appropriate (even if it’s a boy) for a girly, daytime party. From sweet and soft to bold and daring, there is a pink shade for everyone.

What To Wear

Pink Nails

Image from dhinivh

Try Del Sol’s Sassy, light shimmering pink inside and a bold, shiny orange outside; Nubar’s La Perla Frost, a sweet, creamy light mauve; Solaractive’s Baby Pink to Pomegranate, creamy pearl inside and vibrant, berry pink outside; or Suncoat’s Cotton Candy, a delicate, candy pink.

Beach Party

One of our favorite parts of being near the beach is watching the sunset and preparing wood for a bonfire. Parties at the beach are only fun while it’s warm at night, so we enjoy one whenever the weather cooperates. Like BBQ’s, beach parties involve being outside (perfect for those colour changing polishes) so we say go light & bright. Pastels and neons look hot against tan skin & will help get you noticed.

What To Wear

Coral Nails

Image from myllissa

Try Del Sol’s Island Fever, iridescent sea foam green inside and brilliant peacock blue outside; Nubar’s Costa Rica Coral, a creamy, bold coral; Solaractive’s Flamingo to Fire Red, light glimmering pink inside and bold fire orange outside; or Suncoat’s Gold, a lively metallic golden.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be during the day or the night, so it’s more difficult to decide on just one colour (another great reason for colour changing varnish). We are going to assume it’s a nighttime party, as the shades we’ve selected are mainly bold. Daytime parties require colours that are a tad more subdued or they can look garish. At night, anything goes!

What To Wear

Bright Pink Nails

Image from Esellee

Try Del Sol’s Diva, bright, darig pink inside and vibrant, fire red outside; Nubar’s Cupcake Magenta, a firey, bright pink; Solaractive’s Fuschia Pink to Dark Cherry Red, brilliant pink inside and deep purple/ red outside; or Suncoat’s Rose, a lighter, more ladylike pink.

Black Tie Party

Black tie parties can happen anytime of the year, but they are almost always at night. Even for day functions the idea is to remain as elegant and understated as possible on your nails. Remember, chances are you will be standing holding a cocktail – your hands need to be stunning. Depending on your wardrobe, we like dark, sultry colours. Red can work, but it definitely has to be the right red. If your dress is colourful, stick to a good manicure and a shiny clearcoat.

What To Wear

Black Nails

Image from Idhren

Try Del Sol’s Knockout, creamy barely-there pink inside and deep, luscious red outside; Nubar’s Dark Castle, a deep, steely grey; Solaractive’s Clear to Red, shiny clearcoat inside and bold, cherry red outside; or Suncoat’s Chic Black, a deep, polished black.

Christmas Party

We all have to attend (sometimes multiple) Christmas parties and of course there is a common theme for festive occasions during that season. We happen to love both red & green, (not together!) although both of them are difficult to wear against pale skin. We tried to choose colours that wouldn’t wash you out, but that still have a holiday-ish vibe. If your skin is darker, you are in luck, you can wear all of the red or green you want & it’ll look great.

What To Wear

Holiday Nails

Image from _rockingfree

Try Del Sol’s Ruby Slipper, brilliant, glittering white inside and bold, copper/ red outside; Nubar’s Meadow Sparkles, a glittery green with golden undertones; Solaractive’s Gunmetal Silver to Red, creamy iron grey inside and pastel, metallic red outside; or Suncoat’s Berry, great on all skin tones, this is a bold berry red.

New Years Eve Party

Almost everyone’s favorite party of the year, this is one night that almost everyone gets dolled up and your nails need to look great. Again, think holding a cocktail in your hand all night – all eyes will be on those brilliant nails…make that work for you. Glittery glam is generally the theme of this evening so go as bold as you dare.

What To Wear

Holiday Nails

Image from _Fidelio_

Try Del Sol’s Rock Star, deep sparkling blue inside and bright glittering green outside; Nubar’s Sultry Red, a lively & bold pink/ red; Solaractive’s Lightning Flash to Burgundy, hot, sunny yellow inside and brilliant tangerine outside; or Suncoat’s Silver, a more subdued metallic silver shade.

Now You Know

There is a great list of ideas here and most of them can be found in our store. We like those options because they come from companies who make an effort to protect you and the environment. Stay tuned for more colour ideas to come.


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