Pantone Dance into Spring 2012 Colour Report

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Pantone Dance into Spring 2012 Colour Report
Although it’s getting chillier outside, the fashion world is heating up as Spring/Summer 2012 collections make their debut on the runways. A few weeks back we covered Pantone’s Fashion Colour Report for Autumn, today we want to get a jump on spring.


Pantone has earned themselves a global name when it comes to colour and twice a year they put it to fashionable good use. Surveying designers of various Fashion Weeks around the globe, Pantone then puts together reports detailing seasonal colour trends. Their Dance into Spring Colour Report is inspired by a variety of styles, from contemporary to breezy.

Spring 2012 Top 10 Colours

For each shade we’ve provided a link to the closest thing in our store as well as links to colours that compliment each shade. The Pantone shades are designed specifically to work together as a collection, so mix and match to your hearts content.


Pantone Bellflower

PANTONE 18-3628

A distinctly ornamental purple colour, this is a surprisingly warm colour indicative of uniqueness & creativity. To wear Bellflower on your nails try Nubar’s Pharoah Purple, to accent it in your wardrobe try pairing it with Mavala’s Nice, Nubar’s Valentine Pink or a-england’s Excalibur.


Pantone Cabaret

PANTONE 18-2140

A sensual and intense rosy shade of red, this is a great choice for summer clothing, accessories or cosmetics. To wear Cabaret on hands & toes try Nubar’s Valentine Pink. If you prefer to accent larger pieces of the colour try Mavala’s Nice, Mavala’s Khaki Vintage or Suncoat’s Pearl White.


Pantone Cockatoo

PANTONE 14-5420

A highly whimsical hue, this tactile blue-green is sure to lift the spirits for the spring season. Easy to wear, this colour adds a bit of unusual to the palette. To wear Cockatoo on your nails (it’s not perfect, but it’s close) try Del Sol’s Island Fever. If you prefer to accent the colour using nail art, try Mavala’s Nice, Suncoat’s Almond Nude or SolarActive’s White Clouds to Red Horizon.


Pantone Driftwood

PANTONE 18-1210

Although vibrant colour is essential, soft neutrals are equally as vital. This is an adaptable blend of beige and grey with a slightly soft, weathered feel. To enjoy it on your nails, try Mavala’s Rose Dust. If you prefer to use it as a backdrop for lively nails try pairing it with Nubar’s Valentine Pink, a-england’s Holy Grail or Suncoat’s Rose.


Pantone Margarita

PANTONE 14-0116

This is a refreshingly piquant yellow-green colour, minus the alcohol. Soft enough to work as a base and spicy enough to make for bold accessories. To wear Margarita on your nails try Mavala’s Khaki Vintage, to accessorize the colour with your nails try Nubar’s Isis Purple, Mavala’s Rose Dust or Suncoat’s Apricot.

Sodalite Blue

Pantone Sodalite Blue

PANTONE 19-3953

This is a classically maritime hue which instills a sense of harmony and order in the mind. This is a dependable shade that be paired with any colour in the palette. To wear Sodalite Blue it on your nails try SolarActive’s Ocean Blue to Midnight Purple, to accent larger pieces in your wardrobe, try pairing it with Nubar’s Isis Purple, a-england’s Solar Power or Mavala’s Nice.

Solar Power

Pantone Solar Power

PANTONE 13-0759

Every season needs a great warm colour and this spring it’s this lovely buttery yellow colour. Perfectly sunny enough to radiate warmth & good cheer. For cheerful Solar Power nails try a-england’s Holy Grail, to accent this colour try pairing it with SolarActive’s Ocean Blue to Midnight Purple, Mavala’s Khaki Vintage or Suncoat’s Gorgeous Green.


Pantone Starfish

PANTONE 16-1120

Another perfect (but far from basic) neutral, this is a sweetly warm colour that compliments all nine of the other shades. For a little Starfish on your nails try Suncoat’s Almond Nude. To accent larger basic pieces try pairing it with Nubar’s Valentine Pink, Mavala’s Khaki Vintage or Suncoat’s Strawberry Delight.

Sweet Lilac

Pantone Sweet Lilac

PANTONE 14-2808

This is perhaps the perfect colour to evoke the fresh floral scents of summer. A delicate pinkish lilac, this shade is sure to inspire summertime romance in any wardrobe. To wear this soft shade on your nails try Nubar’s Isis Purple or to accent the colour in larger pieces try pairing it with Mavala’s Khaki Vintage, Suncoat’s Almond Nude or a-england’s Merlin.

Tangerine Tango

Pantone Tangerine Tango

PANTONE 17-1463

Perhaps one of the boldest shades in the collection, this perfect shade is the colour of a juicy summer orange. Almost as refreshing as it is lively, this colour is surprisingly versatile. To enjoy it on your hands and feet try Mavala’s Nice & to accent is as a wardrobe colour try pairing it with Mavala’s Khaki Vintage, a-england’s Holy Grail or Suncoat’s Beige.

Have A Favourite?

We simply can’t decide on just one of the colours we like best, there are a lot of great shades here. Be sure to check out Pantone’s Autumn 2011 Colours if you haven’t already and stay tuned to learn which colour Pantone named Colour of the Year for 2011.


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