The Organic Nail Polish Myth

By Inspirationail

Little DevilWe’d love to believe that organic nail polish was possible, but alas, it isn’t. If it was possible, you can be sure we’d have a fabulously long list of them to share. However, there is a lot of marketing speak out there and we do think it’s important to clear up any myths about the stuff existing.

Organic Cosmetics

While there can be organic cosmetics, there can’t be organic polish and here’s the simple reason why: In order to create a formula that actually works, there has to be synthetic ingredients involved. Even water based formulas have to use a small amount of synthetic polymers to bind colour to your nails. Until a purely natural (but still effective) ingredient substitute can be found, nail polish can not be certified organic. If they could, we’d have to seriously question the certification process.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, the only way to avoid the bad stuff is to read labels.

As Close As it Gets

We’ve already gone over some of the horrific ingredients that can be found in conventional polish formulas so you know what you are looking for. We’ve also compiled lists of some of the most conscientious varnish brands out there so you can quickly find the level of safety you want.

3 Free | 4 Free | 5 Free | Water Based | Cruelty Free | Vegan

Code of Ethics

Inspirationail ApprovedThe team at Inspirationail thinks that ethical & responsible cosmetics are the only way to go. We have a strong code of ethics here at Inspirationail and only sell polishes that meet certain requirements, they have to at least be free of Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP and they can’t be tested on animals. If they are water based and vegan all the better!

Come On Science!

We will proudly endorse any company whose scientific genius comes up with an organic polish. Until then there is a huge selection of the brands who are close to achieving that very goal. Check out the links above for more information and be sure to visit our store for some brands you can feel good about using.


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