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Preemadonna, Inventors of the NailbotPreemadonna is a technology company building smart products and powering creative platforms, Inspirationail wrote about them back in September and since they’ve been super busy so we thought it was time to give you an update.

Nailbot Spoiler

Nailbot will retail for $199 – join their waitlist

How It Works

The Nailbot is Preemadonna’s first nail art printing robot, it uses your smartphone’s back camera and prints full colour art on nails in just a few seconds. The only thing you have to do before putting your finger under the Nailbot is prime your nail with white (or light coloured) polish.

That’s right ladies, you can decorate your nails with your own photos, at home.

Preemadonna Community

Preemadonna as a company is not only about developing and retailing a product – as awesome as this product is (and as much as we love nails) the thing that makes this company stand above other nail and tech companies is its sense of community. They run a Preemadonna’s Ambassadors program that allows young girls to learn social media and digital storytelling, computer programming and hacking, as well as digital and graphic design. They also offer fun Artists,
Hacker, and Social Bee challenges.

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“Ultimately, the Nailbot is a platform for creative self-expression for our community of dynamic girls.” say Pree Walia, CEO and Co-Founder, Preemadonna during her interview with Girls in Tech.


Congratulations (again!) to the team at Preemadonna who recently won the Audience Award for Most Innovative Product using Computer Vision as well as many others.

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Inspirationail is delighted to see Nailbot enable girls to become more involved in tech – our first proper blog post was about nail printers and how nail and tech make an awesome combo.


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Stay connected with Nailbot by joining their waiting list following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


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