Nail Anatomy Terms

By Inspirationail

Regardless of your involvement in the nail or beauty industry you actually have nails, 20 of them in fact so learning their parts should be on your to do list. Lucky for you, there isn’t very many of them and we’ve created a very easy to digest guide to help you learn them.

Nail close up

Distal edge – The white part of the nail that grows past the finger.

Side walls – Both sides of the nail plate.

Nail plate – This is basically your visible fingernail.

Nail bed – Just beneath the nail plate. Capillaries in the nail bed give the nail its pinkish color.

Nail matrix – Just below the cuticle at the base of the nail. Cells in the matrix create the fingernail.

Lunula – The bt of the matrix you can see. It’s the half-moon-shaped portion at the bottom of the nail.

Cuticle – A fold of skin made of dead cells that protects the nail bed.

Nail fold – The ridge of skin surrounding the nail.

Taking Care of Them

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