Introducing the Super Sexy Minx Underwear Collection

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Minx LogoIt is no secret that Minx Nails likes to stay at the cutting edge of fashion & style. This time they’ve really done it with their fabulously sexy Underwear Collection.

Sexy Nails

Minx, Inc.® co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin & Janice Jordan are shamelessly delighted to introduce the first Minx Underwear Collection. It is a naughty line of Minx designed to be used “under” any medium, including this year’s popular new gels & gel-polishes.

Minx Underwear Collection

What’s Underneath Counts

The Underwear Collection was co-designed by the talented Mirka Poikkeus, Finland’s most published nail stylist & playfully capitalizes on the “underwear” theme. The collection include a range of flirtatious and sensual designs to be worn under a top layer.

Minx Underwear Collection

“As a nail stylist, I understand the need to be creative & to provide the customer with a nail fashion that makes them feel special, whether it be a subtle detail or a completely unique look,” explained Mirka.

Minx Underwear Collection

Something That Goes With Everything

The Minx Underwear is a new blend brewed up by the Minxes & is specifically designed to be worn under your favorite products. The new blend allows Minx Underwear to be easily embedded in a variety of products such as gels, gel-power-polishes, acrylics or even polish. Basically Minx Underwear will last as long as the product in which it is embedded.

Minx Underwear Collection

“Minx Underwear is a wonderful complement to gels & gel-power polishes, which are long-lasting but are only available in a limited range of colors,” explained Dawn. “With tantalizing designs from the Underwear Collection, ladies can transform a traditional gel treatment into a fashion statement that titillates and delights!” she enthused.

Minx Underwear Collection

The Designs

The Underwear Collection is comprised of seven designs that cleverly capture the essence of naughty, ranging from corsets and lips to emblems reminiscent of a French boudoir. With names such as All Tied Up, Smack It & Tickle My Fancy, fashion fans are sure to find a design that speaks to their inner Minx & can slyly incorporate their inner sassiness into any fashion ensemble.

Minx Underwear Collection

“The idea of using Minx under gels or acrylics came to us two years ago at a Fashion Week event when I was having dinner with Dawn & Janice, & we developed Minx Underwear with the idea of giving nail stylists a huge new playground where they can create completely unique looks using Minx embedded in another medium,” said Mirka.

Minx Underwear Collection

You Know You Want Some…

The exciting new Underwear Collection can be viewed now on the Minx Nails website. Please check with your nail stylist when making an appointment at a Minx-certified nail salon or stylist to make sure your favorite mischievous design is in stock.

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They are never far from the limelight & always up for a good time! Be sure to check out Rita Orly in her own sexy Minx & another fab Minx collection by Leah Light.


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