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Minx LogoThe fabulous Minx Nails just announced their latest collection, Professional by Naja. These eight designs were created in collaboration with West Hollywood salon owner and nail stylist Naja RIckette, inspired by the men she’s loved and the places they’ve been.

Narrowing the Field

The new Minx Professional for Naja line consists of 8 designs and it seems that narrowing it down was one of the most difficult parts. Feedback from the Minx co-founders and hundreds of fellow nail techs was instrumental in deciding on the final line. Each of Naja’s eight designs and has it’s own story & we intend to tell them.

“The art deco structural lines, shapes and geometric tidbits are a metaphor for the twists and turns that happen on the road of life,” Naja explained.

LA LA Land

Professional by Naja - LA LA Land
This gold art deco design was inspired by all the driving I do every day. In Los Angeles, a large part of your life is spent on the freeway, and when I’m driving I come up with lots of ideas, and I was thinking of the various shapes inspired by being on the roads that twist and turn. I also thought that this was a great metaphor for my career, and the various roads I am going down all at the same time. With this design, I was hoping to inspire other manicurists to pursue all the different avenues open to them in the nail business.

London Days

Professional by Naja - London Days
This design was actually inspired by Navajo jewelry. Just like rappers love to wear “bling”, in traditional Native American culture the tribemaster or leader would wear a big necklace, and a specific component is called the “Naja.” I wear mostly black when I’m in Los Angeles, but the turquoise and silver triangles of this design make me want to jump from triangle to triangle, and to visit other major beauty hubs like London to see what’s going on over there.

The Naja

Professional by Naja - The Naja
I’ve named this design after myself because I think it embodies my personality. My inspiration was the classic Christian Louboutin pump in black with the red bottom. It’s timeless and will never go out of style, just like the classic bright red nails will always have a place in fashion no matter what’s hot that season. I especially like this design for fall and winter nights.

Paris Nights

Professional by Naja - Paris Nights
This design makes me think of the lights in Paris and the sparkling Eiffel Tower. I absolutely adore France because if you buy something from France, you know it will last a lifetime. There’s such a tremendous commitment to quality and craftsmanship that you don’t often see anymore. You know if you buy a pair of shoes or a bag that you love, you may have to replace the heel or fix the zipper one day, but you will have this piece for the rest of your life. I hope that in the same way, every time I bring my nail skills and services to customers, they will also feel that “The Naja” is part of their lives!


Professional by Naja - Johnny
One of the most anticipated designs in this collection is the transparent lace in black. Bold enough to wear on its own, it also begs to be layered and decorated. It has a strong powerful presence but also invites additional attention. Like all the lace designs, Johnny can be layered over other Minx base coats or over any color gel polish (acrylic or dry polish) to create an endless array of fashion options right at your fingertips.


Professional by Naja - Jovan
The sheer lace in pink represents the layers contained in all of us and the people who love us enough to push our buttons and to dig deeper and deeper to the ooey-gooey center of our soul. Real transformation and true growth can only happen when you are passionate enough to delve down deeply into yourself and others. And, since this lace design can also be layered with other Minx or gel polish, it also represents all the different layers and textures each person possesses.


Professional by Naja - Joey
I’m so excited this golden lace is part of my line because it was the last design to be added, and it was made in response to all the people on Facebook and at the professional shows who requested it! I love this golden, elegant lace and it brings to mind a beautiful yet strong netting that captures the support and enthusiasm my fellow nail stylists have been sending my way as I build this collection. This design is a big thank you to all of you for your support, and is another of the designs that begs you to give it your own special touches.

J. Michael

Professional by Naja - J. Michael
This delicate silver webbing represents the many different ways that we relate to each other, and that small actions or words connect us to each other, gradually tying us closer and closer together. Relating to others is so much more enjoyable when you sink your teeth in to the relationship and build up knowledge of the person until you have a strong fabric of trust and affection. The J. Michael is also a design that can be layered over Minx or gels, but can also be worn alone to provide a delicate gleam of chrome

About Naja

Professional by NajaKnown as “The Naja” to her clients and the “Celebrity Nail Guru” by the media, Naja’s style, creativity and methodology have helped her become a true celebrity nail stylist, salon owner and educator. Naja’s celebrity clientele includes some of Hollywood’s hottest stars including Fergie, Lady Gaga, Eve and Katy Perry.

Where You Can Find Her

You can find Naja at her nail restoration center Extremedys 2012 in West Hollywood. As a Minx Master Naja also travels the country hosting seminars and workshops on celebrity nail trends.

Be sure to check out our interview with Naja too!


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