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Minx LogoThe brilliant Minx Nails recently announced their latest professional collection and we’re excited to share Minx Professional by Kimmie Kyees. These eight colourful designs were created in collaboration with top Los Angeles celeb nail stylist Kimmie Kyees, a true nail technician to the stars.

Going Bright

These eight lovely designs were inspired by Kimmie’s love of colour and her unique work experience in the celebrity sphere. She works with a huge collection of hot names including Katy Perry and Ke$ha. Her kit simply isn’t complete without a great selection of brights.

“I wanted my first Minx line to be a collaboration between color and my every day experiences, with a lot of shapes and movement to give my nail designs action and a life of their own.” Kimmie explains.


Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Gotcha!
“This is my paint splatter!” Exclaims Kimmie, who wanted to find a way to mash a bunch of her favorite colors together. “The pattern looks like you took a paint gun and shot it against a black canvas, but of course each color is very deliberately placed, and I included a splash of hologram Minx for a touch of iridescence.” Kimmie says she wanted to create a design reminiscent of the spin art and marbleizing nail art styles she has worked with in the past.

Krackled Kimmie

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Krackled Kimmie
“My sister, Tiffany Kyees, is a very talented photographer so I brought her with me when I was meeting with Janice Jordan at Minx to help me with some of my designs.” Explains Kimmie. “This design originated from my promotional head shot that my sister took and then deconstructed. The brown and black fragments are my skin and hair, and the teal is actually the background.” The resulting pattern is an abstract mosaic that looks fresh, vital and dynamic… just like Kimmie herself!

Leopard Sorbet

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Leopard Sorbet
This luscious design features a bold leopard print over a tricolor base of teal, blue and pink, extending to green and yellow on the thumb templates. “I love this pattern because each nail has at least three different shades on it, so it looks fun and funky and screams out party time.” Kimmie laughs. “I had initially created this design in darker colors, but it looks much more fun in pastels. Keri Hilson has worn this design in her video “Got Your Back” with a metallic base.” Says Kimmie.

Lustrous Lizard

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Lustrous Lizard
This snakeskin design has a red tip which fades into yellow and then green at the cuticle. “This design came from a manicure kit I bought a while back, as it had a similar design.” explains Kimmie. “When I see cool textures or bright colors, I take photos, and when I had the chance to create the design, I played around with the colors until I found this combination.” Minx co-founder and head designer Janice Jordan suggested translucent Minx, but Kimmie eventually decided to combine the snakeskin print over a hologram base for a final Minx template that sets off the dark lines of the scaling and shimmers in the light.

Psychedelic Funk

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Psychedelic Funk
Swirly and loopy, this design makes you feel like you are on a magic carpet ride straight to the 60’s! “I call this my groovy psychedelic Minx.” Says Kimmie, who tells us that she aimed to mesmerize with the wavy greens and blues that swirl up to a peak, go in a circle, and flow out again. “It looks like there are all colors, shapes and dimensions,” she says, “so if you wear this design, be prepared to have people grabbing your hands so they can get a better look!”

Rainbow Leopard

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Rainbow Leopard
This glorious design combines an animal print with the colors of the rainbow – is there a better combination anywhere?The leopard print begins over blue, and flows into green, yellow, pink and purple as the templates move from pinky to thumb, and the colors flow the opposite, from purple to green, on the opposing hand. “When Katy Perry was doing her Purr perfume advertisement, we were given photos of cat suits to demonstrate the theme, including a rainbow-colored leopard-print bodysuit.” Reveals Kimmie. “That particular suit wasn’t used in the shoot, so I kept the matching Minx templates that we had made and it has been incredibly popular with my celebrity clients like Avril Lavigne and Jenna Jameson, so I knew I had to do this one!”

Star Light

Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Star Light
Multicolored stars outlined in silver flow over a white background for a lighter effect on this funky design inspired by Kimmie’s favorite shape. “I’ve always loved stars, so there absolutely had to be a star-themed Minx in my first collection.” Explains Kimmie. “Paula Abdul gave me a star-shaped ring, my favorite earrings are in the shape of a star, Rihanna has star tattoos, Lindsay Lohan always asks me to do nail art with stars… it was meant to be!”


Professional by Kimmie Kyees - Twiggy
This retro pattern features vertical black and white color blocks alternating with horizontal black and white color blocks, separated with a thin stripe of silver. “Because the color blocks alternate, the overall effect is very dimensional and carries a lot of impact.” Kimmie explains. “Color blocking has been a big trend and I did a variation of this pattern in colors for Katy Perry’s ghd advertisement.” Kimmie says.

Ultimate Minx

We are loving Kimmie’s collection and they are quite appropriate for the coming Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season. To win some Minx of your very own, be sure to enter our Marvelous Minx giveaway and subscribe by email for V.I.P. info about future giveaways and other revolutionary nail news!


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