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Daily NailsRecently we’ve been offering helpful suggestions for different events & parties you may come across in the course of your life. Let’s face it, there is an endless list of places you need to have fab nails. So we’re going to help with as many as we can.

Everyday Things

Today we wanted to start with the things everyone deals with on a daily basis. We all work and have dinner parties and meet our friends for lunch & it’s important to look great no matter what we are doing. Besides, everything is more fun when you take a little colour with you. Obviously you’ll opt for shades that match your what you are wearing, but here are some great colour ideas to help with your next shopping trip too.

There is less time to plan ahead for daily activities so be prepared for some varnish cross-over.

At Work

At work you generally want to keep your freak flag under wraps, when you work you represent more than just you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty, unique and colourful, but it’s important to take durability and office decor into consideration. We like softer, more pastel colours for the office. They are girly and subdued without being too boring.

What To Wear

Office Nails

Image from ilmungo

Try Del Sol’s Sassy, light creamy pink inside and pearly apricot outside; Mavala’s City Slicker Trio, sophisticated and understated; Nubar’s Camelot Blossom, a creamy mid-tone pink; Solaractive’s Flirt to Panzy light, shiny grey inside and metallic pink outside; or Suncoat’s Apricot, a soft, feminine apricot colour.

Weekends Out

This can have a variety of connotations but let’s just assume that we mean a weekend away or a weekend out on the town. A time for celebration and conversation. That means a little flashier and a little more show stopping – in fact, the bolder and more daring the better.

What To Wear

Wild Weekend Nails

Image from ldhren

Try Del Sol’s Spike, bright sea foam green inside and iridescent berry purple outside; Mavala’s Moulin Rouge Trio, full of bold and brash red shades; Nubar’s Impulsive Silver, a shiny polished silver; Solaractive’s Puschia Pink to Dark Cherry Red, bright neon pink inside and deep grape purple outside; or Suncoat’s Chic Black, the perfect sexy matte black.

Weekends At Home

Some prefer weekends at home (at least every other weekend) and that means we can tone things down a little. While it’s a good time to practice artistic endeavors, if we have company we’d rather spend our time being sexy. Softer, more feminine shades with a little playful thrown in – now that’s a sexy weekend.

What To Wear

Cozy Weekend Nails

Image from joey

Try Del Sol’s Superhero, creamy baby blue inside and shimmering grape lolly purple outside; Mavala’s Barely There Trio, 3 soft, subdued feminine shades; Nubar’s Palau Coral, a sweet, bright coral shade; Solaractive’s Paradise Blue to Sierra Gold bright, shimmering sky blue inside and bold, metallic yellow outside; or Suncoat’s Pearl White, a lovely, creamy white shade.

Hen Party

We all have to attend one at some point and the end result tends to be the same. A roaring good time out with the ladies, mixing a variety of frilly cocktails and the consequential hangover the following day. It’ll be a good time anyway so why not dress the part. The idea is to get attention and be lively, so everything from vibrant all the way to vampy shades are fair game.

What To Wear

Hen Weekend Nails

Image from cancocom

Try Del Sol’s Foxy bright, vibrant fuchsia inside and glimmering grape purple outside; Mavala’s Madras & Red Diamond Duo, 2 brash burlesque style reds; Nubar’s Violet Sparkles, the purest purple you’ve ever seen, full of sparkle; Solaractive’s Shimmering Pink to Lilac Mesh, glittering bright pink inside and bold glitteering lilac maroon outside; or Suncoat’s Purple Haze, the name suits, a soft purple colour with a slightly golden haze.

Movie Date

Whether you are going with your husband of 25 years or a brand new beau, a movie date requires great nails – even though you are going to be in the dark. Technically it’s a date, so usually dinner is involved, or perhaps ice cream afterwards. We like sweeter, girly tones and tend to avoid overly bright, garish colours.

What To Wear

Movie Date Nails

Image from joey

Try Del Sol’s Diva, bright, shiny pink inside and fire engine red outside; Mavala’s Classics Trio, 3 timeless classic colours; Nubar’s Tea Rose Petal, A lovely, girly bright pink; Solaractive’s Tutti Fruiti to Chery; creamy, peachy pink inside and deep cherry red outside; or Suncoat’s Rose, the sweetest shade of rose pink.

Dinner With The Parents

It is our duty as children to spend time with our parents, no matter how old we get. So we might as well do it in style and show them what an amazingly well put together daughter they have produced. We advise against overly sparkly or neon colours – instead try sticking to classics (mum can’t complain about those). Whether you prefer playful or chic is entirely up to you.

What To Wear

Dinner With Mum & Dad Nails

Image from joey

Try Del Sol’s Peek A Boo; just the tiniest hint of pink inside and bold, lava red outside; Mavala’s Ruby & Pink Diamond Duo; a lovely deep burgandy and bright pink glitter combo; Nubar’s Sheer Bliss; a soft, sweet incandescent pink; Solaractive’s Pink Rose to Violet, soft rose pink inside and deep reddish violet outside; or Suncoat’s Cotton Candy, a lively & delicious cotton candy pink.

Lunch With Friends

Perhaps one of our favourite daytime outings, lunch with the girls is always a good time. We don’t often say to wear bright colours during the day (unless it’s at the beach) however the girls make us feel sassy! Pick someplace fashionable and make yourself up to match, bold, charming pinks, reds, plums & corals say it all.

What To Wear

Lunch Nails

Image from Charming Potion

Try Del Sol’s Flirt, creamy baby pink inside and vivid, shimmering red outside; Mavala’s Tres Chic Trio, Three of their best selling elegant colours; Nubar’s Red Sea Coral, the lightest, sweetest shade of coral; Solaractive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum, sweet, blush pink inside and lively plum outside; or Suncoat’s French Pink, another sweet shade of barely-there pink.

Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be the height of sophistication or be a more casual affiar & either way it’s a fun opportunity to enjoy those close to you. Eating and drinking means your hands will be center stage so they have to look their best. We like jewel tones, specifically deep, shimmering purples and blues. Make sure they have warm overtones so they will look delicious in low light.

What To Wear

Dinner Party Nails

Image from Lele Breveglieri

Try Del Sol’s Heartbreaker; sparkling ruby red inside and bold glittering amethyst outside; Mavala’s Mexico & Violet Diamond Duo, a deep, vampy purple and brilliant violet sparkles; Nubar’s Petunia Sparkles, the sparkling colour of dew covered petunias; Solaractive’s Ocean Blue to Midnight Purple; daring peacock blue inside and deep, berry purple outside; or Suncoat’s Berry, a lovely, burgundy berry shade.

For A Few Days…

These ideas should keep you going until next week when we’ve got more ideas to share. This time helping you plan for your summer, it’s never too early to start preparing. For now be sure to check out the best nail colours for different occasions.


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