Follow Up Interview With Gemma Lambert

By Inspirationail

GemmaFirst things first, tell us where we can find you and your work online.
The website is finally in development, for the time being the web address is connected to my facebook group I also have some new YouTube videos so take a look at them.

Thanks for doing this follow-up interview. While we’ve asked this before, perhaps you’ll give us a brief re-cap of your background in the industry for those who don’t know.
I’ve been in the industry for 16 years and I am currently 12x UK nail champion, International competition technician of the year 2009, international Judge, Competition organiser and founder of The Nail Team.

Last time we talked you were launching The Nail Team, designed to aide & educate the industry. How is that going & what is the latest?
At the beginning of this year Kirsty Lund decided to leave THE NAIL TEAM to work for Nubar so this has been the first year on my own, but The Nail Team has been very successful and is benefitting a lot of Nail technicians, the nail team facebook page has gone from strength to strength constantly being used by nail technicians as a source of advice and inspiration. But I still have so much to do with THE NAIL TEAM to move it forward.

Gemma Lambert rainbow nails

THE NAIL TEAMs photographic competitions are doing amazing and I have just launched the 6th competition.

What else have you been up to?
Wow where do i start. It’s been an extremely busy year. I had the pleasure of being entered into the World Nail Championships in Dusseldorf and was delighted to be placed 7th in the World. The Nail Team has successfully run 3 more photographic competitions. I have been working very closely with NSI, Naio Nails on various videos tutorials and photo shoots. I have also been working along side Denise Wright working on a new format for the UK Nail Competitions.

Butterflies Nail & Beauty Studio. Doncaster

I have found the education side of my work extremely busy especially with the one stroke techniques. On top of all this I have gone into partnership and opened a new salon and training centre (with Paula Gethin). We decided to call it Butterflies Nail and Beauty Studio, and it is situated in Barnby Dun, Doncaster.

What kind of things do you offer on your courses?
Courses that are available through the nail team range from NSI beginner courses up to Competition level and advance nail art skills. I also have been extremely busy this year with one-to-one training, where the student chooses what they would like to concentrate on. I have travelled to various places for group training including Cornwall, Kent and Manchester in the UK and Finland and Dublin for international courses.

Gemma Lambert: French

You are at the end of a year long tour with the Nail Team & Nubar around the UK. We imagine it was great fun, any funny moments to share?
I had a great time on THE NAIL TEAM and Nubar tour, Kirsty still came along to give me a hand, we had a great time showing off the new gel polish from Nubar and seeing what we could do with them in designs.

You’ve always been active in competitions, have you been involved with any lately or has the education circuit been your priority?
I did go to the World Nail Championships in Dusseldorf this year and it helped me see where the UK competitions should be heading.

Gemma Lambert: aqua nails

I would love to see the standard of the competitors in the UK rise to the international level so I’ve been working closely with Denise Wright (UK competition organiser) to implement some rule changes and new categories.

In your opinion, where will nail fashion trends go in 2012?
I would love to see technicians pushing the boundaries of nail art, incorporating one stroke and 3d art. I especially see the acrylic and gel art being transformed by the launch of my new pigments coming very soon.

Gemma Lambert. The Nail Team

In the fashion industry I can see a big come back for lace especially in the early months of next year.

What is your latest favourite nail art product?
My new pigments and one stroke paints.

Gemma Lambert red stiletto nails

From what we can tell you like to keep your nails in different pots, do you have any exciting new ventures in the works?
The plan for the next 6 months is to work heavily on video tutorials and to launch a small product range that will help nail technicians achieve new heights with there skills and also to work on the UK competition team.

Professional talk aside, which nail products do you use on your own nails at home?
I work with new nail companies testing their products for them.

Gemma Lambert: red, black kiss nails

I tend to use myself as a guinea pig for all new products.

If you had to pick one forever, would you keep your nails long or short?
I keep mine long stiletto shape, love purple and love glitter!!

Gemma Lambert: Autumn nails

Out of everyone in the world (regardless of era) whose nails would you like to do and why?
I would of loved to have done Princess Diana’s nails. I had the pleasure to meet her when I was 9 years old at a Banardos Childrens Awards. She was a very beautiful and elegant women, that had an amazing passion for helping people.

What’s on your nails right this very second?
I have long edge nails on using my new black pigment silver foil and an iridescent glitter topped of with one stroke purple and blue flowers and butterflies.

Gemma Lambert's boys

What else gets you out of bed in the morning?
I have 2 beautiful boys age 11 and 4 so school run every day and my 2 cockapoo dogs, coco and puppy daisy.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
16. My super hero power would be to slow time down, that way I can fit more clients in a day and maybe a little sleep would be nice, also more time for my supportive partner and family.

Gemma Lambert Youtube

Many Thanks

Thanks to Gemma for answering our questions and keeping us updated. If you haven’t read Gemma’s other Inspirationail interview be sure to check it out.

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.


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