Iron for Healthy Nails

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Red MeatIron is present in every living cell & is an essential mineral for the human body. This mineral helps blood & muscles deliver oxygen to cells in the body & supports healthy immune system function.

The iron found in animal products is easier for the body to absorb which is bad news for vegetarians. Those who don’t eat meat should make sure they eat fruits & vegetables high in iron to ensure ample amounts in their system.

Here’s where it gets tricky, for the body to absorb iron effectively you must also consume a diet with adequate supplies of vitamin C and vitamin B complex.

Necessary for nail plate structure & formation, an adequate supply of iron in the body will ensure that nails remain strong and supple with smooth, healthy cuticles.

Food Sources

The best sources are animal products, but there are plenty of plants pumping iron too.
Trail MixAnimal Sources
Oysters, liver, lean red meat, poultry, eggs, tuna & salmon.

Fruit & Veg Sources
Dried beans, whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, molasses, leafy greens, lima beans, soybeans, kidney beans, almonds, broccoli, spinach, kale, collards, asparagus, grapes & apricots.

Signs of Deficiency

Generally those lacking iron will find themselves lethargic, weak and unable to concentrate. Their nails may be brittle, ridged or splitting and prone to recurring infections.

Get Your Iron Every Day

Clearly important for your overall health, getting enough iron is essential. Meat eaters shouldn’t rely solely on meat for their iron intake, when animal sources are eaten with leafy greens iron absorption is amplified.

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