The A – Z of Indie Nail Polish Brands

By Inspirationail

Ermahgerd, more indie nail polishes than the average nail blogger can afford store.
The A – Z of Indie Nail Polish Brands

0 – 9
6 Harts Craft Company
8 Bit Cosmetics
27 Polish

A Girl Obsessed
A Rhyming Dictionary
Ador Beauty Supplies
Adorn Nails
Aisuru Lacquer
Alchemist Lacquer
Aliquid Lacquer
All Natural Face
Alta Costura Vernis
Aly’s Dream Polish
Amazing Chic *
Amour Accessories Inc *
Amplifly Polish *
Angel Wings Nail Polish **
Anne Kathleen
Aphrodite Lacquers **
Aqua Daisy
Arcane Lacquer
At The End of The Rainbow
Aurora Lacquers **

B Squared Lacquer **
Backwoods Nails
Bad Ass Polish **
Bad Bitch Polish
Bear Pawlish
Bella Belle Nail Couture
Berry’s Creations
Beyond the Nail
Big T Ranch Soap
Black Cat Lacquer
Black Dahlia Lacquer
Black Label Nails
Black Lace Cosmetics
Black Luna Lacquer
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer
Body Language Soaps
Boii Nail Polish
Boom Sparkle
Bootie Babe
Brijit’s Digits
Buff & shine

Cameo Colors
Candeo Colors
Candied Lustre
Candy Lacquer
Candy Nail Polish *
Canvas Nails
Chaos and Crocodiles
Chaos Theory
Charlie’s Rad Lacquer
Charm Your Nails **
Chirality Polish
Cinema Swatch Lacquers
Cirque Colors
CJ Lacquer
Coco Allure **
Colores de Carol
Colors by Llarowe
Comet Vomit
Contrary Polish
Cosmos Lacquer **
Crazy Polish Lady
Creations by Lynda
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish
Cupcake Polish

Daily Charme
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer
Daily Lacquer
Dainty Digits
Daphine Polish
Daring Digits
Darling Diva Polish
Dazzle Glaze
Dead Set Babes
Delush Polish
Deviant Potions
DIFFERENT Dimensions
Digital Nails
Diva Paws
Doctor Lacquer
Dollish Polish
Down the Bayou
Dragon Lacquer **
Drama Llama Lacquers **
Dreams Cosmetics
Duh-Nail Polish
Dynamic Polish

Effervescence Polish
Elevation Polish
Ellison’s Organics
Emerald & Ash **
Emily De Molly
Eminee Goods
Enchanted Polish
Esmaltes de Kelly
Euphoric Lacquer
Every Beauty Boutique
Every Bit of Sparkle

F4 Polish
Faith In Manicures
Fan service Nails **
Fanchromatic Nails
Fancy Gloss Polish!
Fantasy Nail Lacquer
Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Festive Corpse
Festive Fingers
Feto Soaps
Fickle Fairy Potions
Fierce Magenta
Finger Lickin’ Lacquer
Firecracker Lacquer
Flash Your Tips
Flora Polish
Floss Gloss
Foam On the Range
Forever Polished
Franken Frosting
Free Hippie
Fun Lacquer

Geek Glitter **
Geektacular Lacquer
Gem City Tiffany
GG Couture Nail Lacquer
Gilly Hearts Nails
Girly Bits
Glam Paint Lacquer
Glam Polish
Glass Tasty
Glen Coco
Glimmer by Erica
Glisten & Glow
Glitter Daze
Glitter Fest
Glitter Gal
Glitter Guilty
Glitter Lambs Polish
Glitterfied Nails
Glittering Elements Nail Lacquer
Glitz in a Bottle
Glitz N Glitter Lacquer *
Glitzd 23
Glitzy Glazes
Gloss ‘n Sparkle
Glossome Polish
Glow Cosmetics
Gypsyanna Polish

Hairy Legs
Happy Hands **
Hardcore Cosmetics **
Hare Polish
Harlow & Co
Heavenly Hell Elements
Hebridean Sprite Beauty
Hebridian Sprite Beauty (Canada)
Hit Polish
Hollish Nails
Honey Lacquer
Hot Chick Physics

I Love Nail Polish
I Love NP
I’m Doing My Nails Today
Illume Lacquer
Impulse Cosmetics
In the Gray Areas **
Incidental Twin
InDecisive Lacquer
Indee Polish Co
Indigo Bananas
Indy’s Indies
Initial Lacquer
Islandreamer Lacquer *

J & L Creations *
JADED Nail Co *
Jessi Gee Whiz
Jior Couture
Joyful Noise Cosmetics **

Kaia House Organics
Kanari Keta
Kawaii Nail Lacquer
KB Shimmer
Kelara Lacquers **
Kiss Your Elbow Polish
Kitty Polish
KJ Lacquer
Klean Kristi
Knockout Lacquer
Krafty Gurl Designs

L-A Cosmetics
La Dolce Vita
LaCC Beauty – Lac Couleur Couture
Lacquer Lust
Lacquer Queen Polish
Lacquered Bliss
Lacquerhead Polish **
LAK Lacquer
LAV Lacquer
Lavish Lacquer
Lavish Polish
Lemon Factory
Leopard Lacquer
Less Than 3 Lacquer
Let It Glitter
Limitless Lacquer
Liquid Glam Lacquer
Liquid Sky Lacquer
Liquidus Nail Gloss **
Literary Lacquer
Live Life Polished
Llama Lacquers
Loaded Lacquer
Lucky 13
Lumikki Cosmetics
Lumina Lacquer
Lust Nail Lacquer!
Luv That Color
Luxe Lacquer
Lyn B Designs
Lynx Cosmetics

Madison Street Beauty
Mainstream Lacquer
Mandyland Polish!
Maya Cosmetics
Mckf Resh Click to shop!
Me and the Boy (Canada)
Melange Polish **
Melinda Haney
Melissa D
Messy Jessi
MiAmore Polish
Mint Nail Polish
Miss Ashleigh
Mixin Berry (appears closed)
Mod Lacquer
Mod Lacquer
Model City Polish
Moonstone Nail Polish
Mosaic Lacquer
Mrs. P's Nail Potions
MTK Design
MV Lacquer
My Blue Lacquer
My Happy Hour
My Ten Friends
My World Sparkles
Mystash Lacquer **

Nail Confections **
Nail Fabulosity **
Nail Honey *
Nail Kandy (Canada)
Nail Lacquer UK
Nail Me
Nail Nation 3000
Nail Pattern Boldness *
Nail Tisane
ND Lacquers
Neener Neener Nails
Nerd Lacquer
Never Naked Nails **
Ninja Polish
Nire’s Desire Polish
No Worries Polish **
Noodles Nail Polish
Northern Star Polish
Nostalgic Lacquer **
Not Too Polished **
Novel Nails

O So Dollish
Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
One Love Lacquers
Ooh La Lacquer
Oopsie Daisies Nails
Otaku Polish *

Paint Job Nail Lacquer
Paint Shop Polish
Paintbox Polish
Painted Polish
PaintedSabotage **
PAINTSbyAllya **
Paris Sparkles
Party Girl Lacquer
Peita’s Polish (Australia)
Penelope Luz (Brazil)
Philly Loves Lacquer
Pink Dipsy Bulle Franken
Pink Minkie Polish
Pinup Polish
Pinwheel Polish
Piper Polish
Pixie Paper & Polish
Plucky Polish
Plum Valley Notions
Polish Addict
Polish Alcoholic
Polish By Anne
Polish by Jessica Jean
Polish Me Silly
Polish Me To Go
Polish My Life
Polish Obsessed *
Polish Revolution
Polish TBH
Polish Yer Hooves
Polished by KPT
Polished Components
Polished Intentions **
Polished Revolution
Poshy Polish (appears closed)
Powder Perfect **
Pretty & Polished (also on L)
Pretty and Polished
Pretty Jelly
Pretty Polish n Things **
Pretty Pots Polish (also on Etsy)
Pretty Serious
Prihtee Paintz
Priiincess Polish
Pure Beauty Shoppe

Q’s Nail Emporium

Rain City Lacquer *
Rainbow Honey
Rebel Rainbow Lacquer *
Red Dog Designs
Renaissance Cosmetics **
Rescue Beauty Lounge
Retrograde Fermata
Reverie Nail Lacquer
Royal Lacquer
Ruby White Tips

Sassy Cats Lacquer
Sassy Lacquer
Sayuri Nail Lacquer
Schatzi Brown
Scofflaw Varnish
Sea Lore
Serum No. 5 **
Serum No5!
Seven And Parker
Seven Sisters Mercantile
Shimmer Kisses Nail Polish **
Shimmer Polish
Shirley Ann Nails
Shleee Polish
Silly Bees Chickadees
Silly Lily Polish
Sincerely Polish
Sinister Benediction
Siren’s Call
Slick Lacquer
Smitten Polish **
Smudged Polish
Sobe Botanicals
Sonoma Nail Art
Sparkle Nail Lacquer
Special Ones Lacquer
Spectrum Cosmetics
Spell Polish
Spellbound Nails
Spiffy Polish
Spooky Bones
Squishyface Polish
Star Dust Lacquer
Star Kin by Every Sensory
Starlight and Sparkles
Starrily **
Starry Earth
Styler Design
Sublime Nail Polish
Super Black Laccquer
Super Nails
Superchic Lacquer (Wonder Beauty Products) (also on LOB)
Superficially Colorful
Sweet Cheeks Polish **
Sweet Heart Polish
Sweet Therapy
Sycamore Boutique

Takko Lacquer
Tammi’s Tips (Canada)
Tara’s Talons **
Tater Rounds Beauty
Tawdry Terrier
The Craft House of Beans
The Hungry Asian
The Juice Box *
The Lady Varnishes
The Nail Junkie
The Painted Villain
The Pixie Girl
The Polish Bar
The Polish Sage **
The Polish Well **
The Polished Mafia **
The Sparkle Queen
Tillie Polish *
Tipsy Turvy Nails **
Too Cuteicle *
Treasures by Tan
Trelly Polish
Trust Fund Beauty
Twee and Honey
Twenty Seven Polish
Two Birds One Store **
Two Blooms DS
Two Gypsies Nail Lacquer

U-Neek Polish
Unique Glitter Polish
Urban Lacquer
Utopia’s Polish **

Valley Girl Lacquer
Vapid Lacquer *
Vermehlo Accessories/Marcia Lima
Visible Spectrum by Atrophie
Vivid Lacquer
Voodoo Lacquer
VV Polish Designs

Weekend Lacquer
Well Nails (Denmark)
Whimsical Ideas by Pam
White Owl Lacquers *
Whooz Polish **
Wicked Polish
Wikid Nails
Willow Tree Minerals
Wing Dust Collections
Wingdust Collections (Canada)
Wingin It Lacquer
Wonder Beauty Products
Wonderland Lacquer *
WRK Nails

XOXO Nail Candy

You Polish

Zany Nails
Zombie Darlings
Zombified Nails
ZRs Polish

* Store under construction.
** Taking a short break.

Getting Bigger
For all our readers that really pay attention you’ll notice that there weren’t exactly #1000brands, yet it’s not far off and won’t be too long until that number is surpassed. 5 years ago there were only a handful of nail blogs and indie brands, with so much choice it has never been so easy as to buy locally, especially as non-toxic products are now standard practice for majority of these lesser known polish brands.

Huge Kudos to batdalek for staring this list over at RandomActsOfPolish.

Have you ever thought about creating an indie polish?
Leave a comment below what fun name you’d call your nail polish brand and be sure to say if you’ve use any products from the guys and girls above. If you’re a brand over let us know and we’ll add you to the list too. And of course if you’re a nail blogger reading this be sure to check out (and add yourself) this huge resource of Nail Blogs – The A – Z of Nail Bloggers. Most weeks Inspirationail also features a talented blogger in the industry’s Nail Blogger of the Week series.


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