Pampering Pedicures @ Home

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Pedicure @ HomeWhile it’s always a nice treat to go to the salon or spa, not everyone has it in the budget to go for foot maintenance as often as they’d like. Fortunately there are a lot of great products out there that allow you to pamper yourself at home without breaking the bank.

There’s No Place Like Home

Lets face it, there is no place like your own space to enjoy a really relaxing experience, so we’ve got a few tips to help make your home pedicure really special.

1. Create Your Space

It’s all about location, and the spot you choose should be comfortable & completely free of distractions. Keeping the mood is essential so find a door to go behind and close it, (with your mobile phone on the other side) then turn off all electronics in the room with you (except for a way to play music).

Position yourself in a natural light source & create ambiance through music of your liking and your fave scented candle.

2. Prepare the Arsenal

Make sure you have everything you need before you get started…and make sure it has a home within arms reach of your throne (once you are seated you are to stay put). The most basic of ingredients is the most comfortable chair you can find (the lower slung the better); and second in line is a flat bottomed tub of warm water with a handful of bath salts, a splash of your favourite scented oil and/or fresh fragrant flowers. (*Pro hint: 1/4 cup of milk in the warm water will help loosen dead skin & moisturise).

Here’s the rest of your grocery list…

Pedicure sandals – EasyPeds are an essential part of any pedicure not only because they’re comfy but because there’ll be no more worrying about smudging your paint job.
Polish remover & cotton balls – We recommend a biodegradable formula that is free of chemicals.
Cuticle nippers – Well-trimmed cuticles are essential to healthy nails.
Nail Clippers – Be sure to have larger & smaller sizes based on your nail types.
Nail file – We highly recommend getting a glass file – it’ll be the last one you ever buy.
TowelsFoot scrub – To relax try a lavender scrub and to energise use an invigorating coffee scrub.
2 Soft towels – A smaller one for moisturizing & a larger one for afterwards.
Cuticle oil – Be sure to get some that come from natural and organic sources.
Lotion – Go tropical island with something fruity and for a sensual experience try a muskier flavor.
Base coat & topcoat – Base coat evens the nail surface & a good topcoat seals in colour & shine.
Polish – Remember to opt for a chemical-free brand.

3. Ahhhh, the Soak

This starts with shutting that door we talked about and plopping yourself into your comfy chair. Remove any existing polish & soak your feet in that tub of warm water until it becomes tepid. Make sure you take this opportunity to lie back & rest your eyes (try throwing a couple of cold tea bags on them). As the water cools, apply your favourite scrub in gentle circles over your entire foot focusing on your heel and other rough spots (don’t forget your cuticles & between your toes).

Pedicure @ Home

4. Trimming & Cuticle Care

Dry off feet & give your nails a gentle trim, keeping them level with the top of your toe and the edges rounded. Then follow by filing, preferably with a glass or (if you must) wooden file. Don’t use metal, they can rip up nail plates & break the skin.

For cuticles, we aren’t a big fan of trimming, pushing or using chemicals to remove them. A good scrub removes most of the dead skin, only clip loose skin (carefully) then slather them with a good cuticle oil to moisturize.

5. Foot Love

This is where that second towel comes in handy, slather your feet with a moisture rich skin cream, (we like a light floral or something with vanilla undertones). Take a few minutes to really rub it in and to give your feet a thorough massage. Keep them well coated as you go and work your way up your calf to your knee. Reapply to your feet focusing attention on rough areas & cuticles then wrap them in a warm, wet towel. Put your feet up and again it’s time to lay back & relax your eyes for 10 minutes.

Pedicure @ Home

6. Finishing Polish

Remove excess lotion with your moist towel and dip your feet back in the (now cold) water for a quick rinse. Pat dry (don’t rub) and apply a bit of polish remover to nails again to ensure no oil or lotion residue remains. Use toe dividers or snazzy pedicure sandals before you begin to point. Apply your base coat and let dry. Then apply a couple coats of your favourite polish colour (be sure it’s one made without harsh chemicals). Then apply a shiny top coat to seal it all in.

7. Stretch it Out

Part of the spa experience is putting your feet up afterwards and waiting for the polish to dry & set. We think this should be a 30 minute process (to ensure you don’t mess them up) and that you squeeze in a few more minutes to enjoy your spa glow.

8. Take Care of Mum

The only way we can enjoy this relaxing experience is if we aren’t doing it at the cost of Mother Nature & all of her kids. Polish removers, polishes, scrubs & lotions can contain a number of harmful chemicals – many of which are tested on animals. Please be responsible in your choices and opt for brands that don’t test on animals or use animal by-products.


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