A Huge List of Tips for Healthy Hands and Feet

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Tips for Healthy Hands and FeetAny professional nail tech will tell you that nail care is more difficult than it looks. Being beautiful is an ongoing process and one that requires total dedication.

Pro Tips at Home

Thankfully we have a bunch of pro tips that actually make nail care at home not only easy, but cheap too. There are plenty of ways you can save on nail care at home, with items you find around the house. Although we are all about a good DIY deal, we’ll always splurge for items like organic cuticle oil, a good file and vegan polish.

In the recipe for great nails, the main ingredients are time, consistency and dedication.

Inspirationail Nail Care School

We’ve listed a variety of helpful nail care articles below, offering you everything you need to keep your nails naturally beautiful. Although we sell a great variety of ethical and low-chemical brands and products in our store, many of our tips can be done at home with items you already own.

Common Household Beauty Treatments

Household Beauty TreatmentsBelieve it or not, the average kitchen is a virtual treasure trove of beauty products, some of them are so innocent you’d never suspect them. If you’re on a tight budget beauty items often go first, but we’ve got some tips for household beauty treatments so you never have to scrimp on your beauty routine.

Preparing Hands & Feet for Winter

Preparing Hands & Feet for WinterDuring the summer months scrimping on nail care is much easier to get away with, however during the cold season it should be on every one of you ‘to do’ lists. The more preventative action you take, the better your hands and feet will look overall – and ladies, hands really show age so keep them in good shape. Don’t worry, we’ve got 8 great tips for getting hands and feet winter ready.

Tips to Healthy Fingernails

Tips to Healthy FingernailsWhether you need tips for at home nail care or just a few ideas to keep you until your next manicure, we’ve got 12 quick tips to help. Most of them are a recipe of respect for your environment with a dash of common sense. A lot of it is really about taking care of yourself, which in turn takes care of your nails.

Common Manicure Mistakes

Common Manicure MistakesEveryone makes mistakes and it’s fair to say that not all of us have any real training in nail care. If you can’t afford a manicure in the salon, doing it yourself is an easy solution – just make sure that you know about the most common manicure mistakes and how to prevent them.

The Perfect @ Home Manicure

Perfect @ Home ManicureHome nail care doesn’t have to mean leaving the salon experience behind, you can create it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Remember, it’s taking a break, relaxing and really enjoying the experience that really counts. We have a handy 11 point checklist right here that will help you prepare for a fab finger pampering session.

Tips to Healthy Toenails

Tips to Healthy ToenailsLet’s face it, your feet take a beating on a daily basis, so it’s important to take special care of them. Paying loving attention to the whole foot is key, well-painted nails don’t look as lovely on dry, rough or calloused feet. We’ve got 12 simple tips to help you give your feet the royal treatment without the royal price tag.

The Perfect @ Home Pedicure

Perfect @ Home PedicureHome foot care doesn’t have to mean living without the spa experience, you can create it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost. Remember, it’s really about taking time off to relax and enjoying the experience that counts. We have a handy 8 point checklist right here that will help you prepare for a tantalizing tow pampering session.

More Advice

We still have tons of advice to share, and will do in the weeks to come. If you haven’t already seen foodie tips for healthy nails be sure to check it out and stay tuned for future words of wisdom.


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