The Future of Nail Polish – 2020’s and Beyond

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The Future of Nail PolishLast time we took a look at nail fashions from the first two decades of the 21st century. From the first ten years and beyond today we want to predict the future of nails.

Ancient History

The origins of colourful nails come from India in the Bronze Age when henna was used to stain nails. The trend moved quickly to Babylonia where they used to kohl for their nails – at a similar time the Chinese created more colours by crushing flower petals. Later still, the fashionable women of Egypt made red fingernails famous.

21st Century Fashion

The 21st Century has taught us that beauty doesn’t need to be dangerous… or cruel. Polish formulas will continue to advance and other savvy artistic options are sure to continue popping up.

Modern Days

Although women continued to stain, lacquer and manicure their nails over the years, there weren’t many notable advancements until the early 20th century. When glossy car paint was created the invention gave one clever lady the idea of applying the same concept to nails. Around the same time the world began watching movies in glorious technicolor which changed the cosmetic industry to forever.

21st Century Fashion

The Future of Nails

Each decade has its own rather distinct nail fashion trends from the pragmatic cosmetic use of the 10’s to the depressing times of the 30’s to the electronic inspiration of the 90’s. This no-longer-new century has taught us a thing or two about nail fashion and we think that nail art will only become more mainstream.

People and nations will come even closer in the years to come. Beauty will reflect even more varied cultures and cosmetics will return to the basics – with fewer, more natural ingredients.

21st Century Fashion

Advice Online

While we’ve been able to discuss fashions of the past with some conviction, determining the future is always only speculation. Metallics are an obvious futuristic trend that will clearly come to fruition and the ranges of colour will continue to grow. The mass production and saturation of fashion will begin to change as fashionistas will turn to boutique/ bespoke type fashion that can’t be easily reproduced. Fabrics will become more extravagant and so will textures and lines. We think this provides the perfect backdrop for hot, fabulous nails!

21st Century Fashion

Inspirationail Recommends

To get a fun and futuristic look on your nails we recommend thinking outside the box. Think shiny silver/ neon yellow zebra stripes, metallic gold roses on a field of red or bold black & white patterns. Try Bridal Veil, Pretty in Pink, Style, Lost Red, Guilded Gold, Paradise Blue to Sierra Gold or Sparkling Snow.

Be sure to check out the entire history of nails to learn about more of the decade trends.


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