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Team FavesOur third weekly favourite comes from Green Hands, who only make two products, but both of them are fantastic and even better when used together. In fact, we couldn’t decide between their environmentally friendly glass nail files and their nourishing organic cuticle & nail oil for today’s post.

Honorary Mention

Because Team Inspirationail can’t live without either product after trying them, we opted to share them both with our readers. The oil is created with a special blend of organic essential oils selected for both their healing & aromatherapy properties and formulated to improve strength, flexibility and health of nails.

Their glass files are designed by professional glass engravers in the Czech Republic, and are about as environmentally sound as files can get – they never wear out. These files are also easy to steralise, require no maintenance & can are safe for acrylics & gels

The Goods

Developed using ethical methods by a sustainable family business, these products aren’t just a great choice for your nails, they are a great choice for the environment too.

Their glass files spell the end of killing trees in the name of smooth nails. This is the last nail file you will ever have to buy.

Green Hands Glass Nail File

Make the world a better place every time you use your Green Hands glass nail file

Green Hands Organic Cuticle Oil

Pamper your cuticles with this organic cuticle oil.

About Green Hands

Green HandsAs a company Green Hands is dedicated to living in harmony with the world around them, their ingredients are all locally sourced and organic whenever possible. In addition they follow a number of other environmentally sound practices, use recycled packaging and they do not test their products on animals.

Not only are their products environmentally friendly but their ethos is too. Green Hands wants you to be beautiful and chemical-free.

On That Note…

It’s important to make responsible choices when it comes to other nail products as well. We stock a variety of brands who make products that are free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary animal ingredients.

So as you head over to get the last nail file you’ll ever buy & some pampering cuticle oil be sure to have a browse of our other yummy products as well.


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