The Best Nail Colours For Different Occasions

By Inspirationail

Event NailsWhat you wear on your nails is a highly personal choice, however there is also a time and a place for everything. If you have an event coming up and don’t know what to do with your nails maybe the selections below will provide you some inspiration.

What To Wear

We’ve selected several common events & places (that everyone goes to sooner or later) and provided a few acceptable colours for you to wear. Of course, colour selection depends mainly on what you are wearing, so we chose appropriately neutral tones where necessary.

The key to great nails is planning in advance, know what you are wearing & know what’s going on your nails long before you have to wear them.

Wedding (Someone Else’s)

Weddings are a day of celebration and fun, but it’s the bride’s day to shine. We suggest you remain as soft as you can in the colour department overall. Soft tones are flattering to most skin tones and allow the bride her white glow.

What To Wear

Pink Nails

Image from nasrulekram

Try Del Sol’s Reckless, creamy white inside and light pink outside; Nubar’s Sheer Bliss, a sweet, neutral pink; Solaractive’s Silver to Red, deep gunmetal grey inside and light, rusty pink outside; or Suncoat’s French Pink, with just a hint of pink.

Wedding (Yours)

While it’s true that today is your day to shine, you don’t want to overdo it on the nails. Chances are you are wearing a dramatic dress, dramatic hair & dramatic makeup. Keep your nails understated so they don’t compete with that ring!

What To Wear

Wedding Nails

Image from jrsnchzhrs

Try Del Sol’s Ruby Slipper, glittering white inside and brilliant red outside; Nubar’s Silver Spark, no colour, just a slight silver glimmer; or Suncoat’s Pearl White, a soft, shimmering white.


Team Inspirationail thinks this is one event that requires complete understated elegance. We don’t even recommend black polish, it’s too goth for a funeral. Simple, natural nails are key in this situation & a little top gloss makes them shine without being flashy.

What To Wear

Natural Nails

Image from kpwerker

Try Nubar’s Diamont Seal & Shine or Suncoat’s Clear Top

First Date

Always an exciting event and one most women spend hours preparing for. Nails are no exception in the seduction game so we’ve chosen some delicious shades to help get you in the mood.

What To Wear

Date Nails

Image from Zitona

Try Del Sol’s First Kiss, creamy pink inside and bold peach outside; Nubar’s Seductive Red, a bold, pink red; Solaractive’s Tutti Fruiti to Cherry, peachy pink inside and bright cherry red inside; or Suncoat’s Apricot, a soft, shimmering colour.

Wedding Anniversary

An incredibly special day, no matter how long you’ve been together. This is a day to enhance your best bits and adopt a youthful & romantic vibe – make him remember why he married you in the first place!

What To Wear

Anniversary Nails

Image from Aleera*

Try Del Sol’s Sun Kissed, creamy pink inside and vibrant, shimmering peach outside; Nubar’s Sheer Bliss, the softest pink colour; Solaractive’s Flirt to Panzy, metallic grey inside and vibrant pink outside; or Suncoat’s Cotton Candy, a flirty, girly pink.

On Holiday

Everyone’s favourite time of year, when you are on holiday your style isn’t bound to that of your workplace. You are allowed to be bold, daring and hopefully beachy on your holiday destination.

What To Wear

Holiday Nails

Image from myllissa

Try Del Sol’s Day Dreamer, iridescent white inside and shimmering purple outside; Nubar’s Palau Coral, a vibrant tropical coral colour; Solaractive’s Lightning Flash to Burgundy, sunny yellow inside and hot orange outside; or Suncoat’s Sunset a deep, blazing orange red.

High Street Shopping

Shopping is probably when we want to look our very best, especially if we are going into the posh shops. Being well-manicured means flawlessly chic nails and makeup.

What To Wear

High Street Shopping Nails

Image from colodio

Try Del Sol’s Flirt, pearly pink inside and blood orange red outside; Nubar’s Passionate Purple, a deep, vampy purple; Solaractive’s Pearl to Blackberry, pearly white inside, deep blackberry purple outside; or Suncoat’s Berry, a deep, berry red.

School Reunion

This is an event at which you want to look your very best. Pre-planning is a must and as always, your outfit will determine your colour scheme. However we’ve picked a few colour ideas that might help give you some inspiration, we like warm pinks & purples.

What To Wear

Reunion Nails

Image from kittynailblog

Try Del Sol’s Foxy, bright pink inside and shimmering purple outside; Nubar’s Sphinx Purple, a vibrant berry purple; Solaractive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum, sweet pink inside and plum purple outside; or Suncoat’s Purple Haze, purple with a slightly golden haze.

Out With The Girls

When you are out with the girls you want to keep up a fun and sassy vibe. The colour on your nails can go a long way to keeping your energy level up and your night sparkling.

What To Wear

Out With The Girls Nails

Image from Alain-Christian

Try Del Sol’s Heartbreaker, ruby red inside and deep, amethyst purple outside; Nubar’s Risque Red, a fiery pink red colour; Solaractive’s Shimmering Pink to Lilac Mesh, glittering lavendar inside and deep glittery lilac outside; or Suncoat’s Silver, a shimmering metallic silver.

Any Ideas?

Hopefully these colours have given you ideas for your own events, whether you are hosting or attending them. As always we hope you’ll consider the environment before you start beauty preparations of any type. Our store is filled with brands that care more about the environment than your average conventional brands.


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