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    Decade NailsLately we have been sharing a whole series of posts based on selecting colours for different events, parties, and even holidays. It’s fun to see which colours belong where and being able to offer brands free of toxic ingredients.

    What to Wear

    Each decade has it’s own distinct personality, that twists and changes as it ages & the years progress. It’s easy to see how one flows into another and as we get older we start to see that what we once called ‘retro’ is really just ‘recycled’. That said there are some colours and looks that are undeniably from specific eras and we found some varnish colours to suit each one.

    Whatever your decade of choice, do it with class. Keep it simple & subtle for a sexy, retro look.

    The 1930’s

    This is a glamorous and sensuous era and one that is known for soft fabrics and elegant dresses. Tailored feminine jackets, smart hats and long gloves were some of the fashion trends as women began to take their fashion into their own hands. We like glittering jewell tones, subtle pearl hues and bold, feminine pinks.

    What To Wear

    30's Nails

    Image from carbonated

    Try Del Sol’s Knockout, understated pink inside and bold, lava red outside; Nubar’s Risque Red, a classic, rich red; Solaractive’s Clear to Red, glossy clear inside and brilliant cherry red outside; or Suncoat’s Pearl White, pearly white with a slight sparkle.

    The 1940’s

    The glamour continued into the 40’s, but it also became more functional. Although shoulders grew and clothing became more ruffled and laced, sleeves became slightly puffy and the pencil skirt became a staple. We like toned down plums, berry reds and pearly nudes for this era.

    What To Wear

    40's Nails

    Image from Eun Byeol

    Try Del Sol’s Peek A Boo, barely-there pink inside and shocking berry red outside; Nubar’s Hieroglyphs Purple, a deel jewell toned reddish purple; Soleractive’s Baby Pink to Pomegranate, light, feminine pink inside and lively pomegranate pink outside; or Suncoat’s Almond Nude, a delicate sheer pearly nude shade.

    The 1950’s

    The 50’s is often thought of as a colourful and slightly overly cheery decade. However it was a pivotal one for fashion, it was the decade that the fashion world started listening to young people. Hemlines came up, fabrics became shinier and sweaters became tighter. We like sweet as pie pastels, bright corals and and super girly pinks.

    What To Wear

    50's Nails

    Try Del Sol’s Surfer Girl, shimmering pink inside and bright sunshine orange outside; Nubar’s Cozumel Coral, a soft bisque pearl coral; Solaractive’s Flirt to Panzy, creamy grey inside and lively berry pink outside, or Suncoat’s French Pink, the sweetest barely-there pink.

    The 1960’s

    The 60’s were characterized by civil unrest and growing awareness. Hemlines climbed ever higher, pant hems grew ever larger and platforms grew ever taller. We think of mod shifts, go-go boots, cap sleeve tees and long boldly coloured dresses. We love the colourful 60’s and we like bright fiery reds, deep, velvety darks, and warm, intense metallics.

    What To Wear

    60's Nails

    Image from laihiu

    Try Del Sol’s Diva, bright, happy pink inside and brilliant lava red outside, Nubar’s Dolcetto, a deep, shiny purple; Solaractive’s Jubilee to Vino, golden glitter inside and shimmering red outside; or Suncoat’s Purple Haze, aptly named this is a rosy purple with a golden haze.

    The 1970’s

    In the 70’s things both lightened up and darkened. Disco came into vogue, but so did macrame, bell bottoms grew into palazzo pants and hemlines came back down again. Brown and rust became mainstream, but so did creamy pastels and intense shocking colour. For this decade we like deep intense golds, shocking pinks, and shimmering neutrals.

    What To Wear

    70's Nails

    Image from JoelMontes

    Try Del Sol’s Sun Kissed, creamy light pink inside and bold shimmering tangerine outside; Nubar’s Cupcake Magenta, A bold, vibrant pink, Solaractive’s Silver Glitter to Java, brilliant silver sparkle inside and glittering orange outside; or Suncoat’s Gold, a deep, metallic honey gold shade.

    The 1980’s

    Perhaps the brightest of the decades, the 80’s was a time of self-expression, synth pop and day-glo. Emo and stadium rock came to life while music and pop-culture began to determine fashion trends. We like bright neon creams, shiny pastels and vivid primary & secondary colours.

    What To Wear

    80's Nails

    Image from a.radioactive

    Try Del Sol’s Electrick, pearly sky blue inside and bright shimmering grass green outside; Nubar’s Hot Yellow, the perfect neon yellow colour; Solaractive’s Clear to Black, glossy clear inside and shiny black outside; or Suncoat’s Cinnamon, a deep, spiced cinnamon shade.

    The 1990’s

    The 90’s were more of an ‘anything goes’ decade. Fashion continued along pop trends, but the emerging anti-fashion fans that began in the 80’s came into their own during the last decade of the century. Trends varied from garish colours to gutter punk to sexy prep and everything in between. For this decade we like grungy blacks & greys, deep purples and creamy pink & red tones.

    What To Wear

    90's Nails

    Image from Riley Alexandra

    Try Del Sol’s Foxy, bright berry pink inside and deep, dusky purple outside; Nubar’s Camelot Blossom, creamy warm rose pink; Solaractive’s Canary Yellow to Red Robin, bold, sunny yellow inside and bright, robin red outside; or Suncoat’s Rose, a bold pearlescent pink shade.

    The 21st Century

    The trend of ‘anything goes’ continues into the 20th century, in fact it seems to gain speed. The spread of fashion trends via the Internet and the growing global community has caused a variety of changes. Essentially, fashion is evolved into more of a personal choice – perhaps less influenced by pop-culture. The youth still set the trends, but this time they are doing it through the electronic age. We like super metallics, intense darks and bold, unique colours.

    What To Wear

    00's Nails

    Image from moominmolly

    Try Del Sol’s Island Fever, pearlescent sea foam green inside and bold peacock blue outside; Nubar’s Impulsive, a high shine, metallic silver; Solaractive’s Gunmetal Silver to Red, shiny steely grey inside and light, metallic red outside; or Suncoat’s Sunset, a deep, dusky sunset pink.

    Which Decade Are You?

    We can’t decide, so we are going to try them all! Now, where to start? 1910’s, 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 21st Century, 2010’s & 2020’s Get started with some recommended colours for daily life.


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