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Bottle of chemicalsMost of us use cosmetics on a daily basis, from shampoo to makeup to nail polish, a number of brands and products sit on our bathroom shelves.

These days many people are becoming more aware of what they use on their bodies & how it affects the environment around them. Those concerns are why the Cosmetics Safety Database was created.

Do The Right Thing

We like to promote healthy, natural options for your nails wherever possible & there are non-toxic options out there for a number of products. Avoiding highly processed, chemical items helps to protect our fragile environment and all the critters that depend on it. Not to mention, what you put on and in you is important & should be purchased with care.

Remember every penny you spend is a vote & it’s important to vote for companies who care about the health of their customers & the environment around them.

Skin Deep - Cosmetics Safety Database

The Most Important Part

Thanks to the folks over at the Environmental Working Group you can now get the real deal about the safety of your cosmetics. Learn which ingredients are dangerous, which brands use them and (more importantly) which brands don’t.

The results for your favorite products may surprise you, luckily this is a good place to start when shopping for new ones.

Skin Deep - Cosmetics Safety Database
The site is easy to use and filled with information. You can search by product, brand or ingredient and they cover everything from fragrances to baby products to nail care.

How Did Your Brand Add Up?

We’d love to hear your results, what brands do you use & do they live up to your expectations? Getting the word out there about the solid companies helps to keep them in business making good products.

To learn more about keeping your nails (and the rest of you) healthy be sure to check out essential vitamins & minerals for healthy nails.


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