20 Community Nail Boards on Pinterest

By Inspirationail

Pinterest community nail boardsPinterest is an awesome tool for collecting and organizing things you love & if you’re a fellow nailoholic than chances are you already have a Pinterest account. The nail community boards below are all boards that you can get involved with… and chances are you may even pick up a few more followers along the way too 😉 .

Alexia, The Nail Concierge™

Pinterest Alexia, The Nail Concierge™
Board Name: Nail Art – Fashion for Fingertips
Description: Following the coolest nail art, trends & fashion for your fingertips!
Contributors: 4
Pins: 1,075
Followers: 810

Amy Holmes-Simmons

pinterest Amykakes
Board Name: lemmings
Description: the ones my heart yearns for…
Contributors: 3
Pins: 80
Followers: 344

Brian Jackson

Pinterest most repinned Nail art
Board Name: Nail Polish Ideas
Description: Unique, Creative, and Beautiful ways to paint your nails.
Contributors: 5
Pins: 6,835
Followers: 18,920

Cindy Jarman

Pinterest Cindy Jarman
Board Name: Nails:
Description: Lots of pictures of nail art!
Contributors: 14
Pins: 558
Followers: 341

Erin Williston

Pinterest Erin Williston
Board Name: Nail Design
Description: Everything & Anything to do with Nails!
Contributors: 74
Pins: 1,662
Followers: 2,085

Gizabelle 4 kids

Pinterest Gizabelle 4 kids
Board Name: Art Nails Design
Description: I love the different design in nails. You can try to play and create different ideas on your nails. I want to share this with you….
Contributors: 16
Pins: 1,072
Followers: 1,155

Glamour Grail

Pinterest Glamour Grail
Board Name: Nails (Community)
Description: Nail inspiration, tutorials, and info from the best of the web & the Pinterest community.
Contributors: 5
Pins: 155
Followers: 65


Pinterest IIQL
Board Name: Nails
Contributors: 615
Pins: 16,925
Followers: 13,480


Pinterest Celebrities Nails
Board Name: Celebrities Nails
Description: Nails of the famous.
Contributors: 92
Pins: 246
Followers: 4,540


Pinterest Nail Challenges
Board Name: Nail Challenges
Description: WARNING: For Hardcore Nailoholics Only.
Contributors: 15
Pins: 460
Followers: 3,813


Pinterest Nail Products
Board Name: Nail Products
Description: Share with everyone your favourite nail products.
Contributors: 117
Pins: 550
Followers: 4,877


Pinterest Re-Pin Nail Exchange
Board Name: Re-Pin Nail Exchange
Description: This is a busy board…
Contributors: 3,310
Pins: 60,778
Followers: 29,179

Lana Sladen

Pinterest Lana Sladen
Board Name: Nail Polish & Nail Art
Description: Your favorite nail polishes and nail art designs.
Contributors: 39
Pins: 1,566
Followers: 730

Laura Clam

Pinterest Nails
Board Name: • N a i l s •
Contributors: 3
Pins: 197
Followers: 522

Lisa Warren

Board Name: Share your very Best! (Nail Art Edition)
Description: Pinteresters Welcome to Share your very Best (Nail Art Edition) All Nail pics invited cute,sexy,stylish!
Contributors: 900
Pins: 42,453
Followers: 29,093
[This account has been deactivated but you can follow Lisa’s new account scorpiochick70.]

Moran Demri Nail art

Pinterest Moran Demri Nail art
Board Name: shared nail art
Description: some lovely nails art pictures that i found on pinterest and i want to share them with you
Contributors: 79
Pins: 1,915
Followers: 876

Nail Art Gallery

Nail Art Gallery
Board Name: Nail Art Community Pins
Description: Share the very best nail art by pinning to this community board from Nail Art Gallery by NAILS Magazine
Contributors: 1,382
Pins: 48,553
Followers: 29,687

Nails and Polish

Pinterest Nails and Polish
Board Name: Well Manicured Nails
Contributors: 352
Pins: 5,027
Followers: 4,768

Nails Art

Pinterest Nails Art
Board Name: Collection of Beautiful Nail Arts
Contributors: 7
Pins: 2,108
Followers: 1,146


Pinterest splashduck
Board Name: What’s New in Nail Art
Description: Follow what’s new in nail art
Contributors: 66
Pins: 669
Followers: 1,300

Full of nails

Find all of these community boards in once place. If you have a community nail board not in this list be sure to send us an invite via pinterest {at} inspirationail {dot} com or directly through Pinterest.


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