What Your Fave Nail Varnish Colour Says About You

By Inspirationail

Colour says a lot about your personality, and often people express themselves through the colours they choose to wear. Nail varnish is no exception as people tend to stick to shades they like when colouring their nails.

Just for fun, we decided to learn a little more about what each colour says about those who wear it. Here is what we came up with.

What does your nail varnish say about you?


Black Nail Varnish

Image from Idhren

Traditionally black nails have been reserved for vampy goths or moody emos. But these days black doesn’t necessarily mean moody, it’s a power colour too and tends to convey dignified strength and chic sophistication.

Try Suncoat’s Chic Black for a sophisticated flair and Nubar’s Dark Castle for a bold deep grey.


Blue Nail Varnish

Image from scragz

Blue doesn’t have to be about having the blues & happy people are just as likely to wear it. Those who prefer a blue shade tend to be introspective & deeply loyal people who appreciate the cool, calming influence.

Try AllyKat’s Turquoise for a sweetly innocent look and Nubar’s Navy Blue for a more polished, sophisticated feel.


Green Nail Varnish

Image from shannonkringen

A colour synonymous with harmony and balance, green lovers are generally peaceful & sincere. This colour symbolises a civilized but frank attitude and a propensity for refinement & patience.

Try Nubar’s Hot Green for bright, punchy nails or Del Sol’s Island Fever (which changes into a shimmering blue in the sunlight).


Orange Nail Varnish

Image from myllissa

A flamboyant and luxurious colour, people who wear orange are usually a very social bunch. With inclinations towards the dramatic side of life, orange lovers live life in a whirlwind of fearless flair & youthful panache.

Try Suncoat’s Tangerine for a posh, matte look or any one of Nubar’s Corals Collection for youthful, girlie nails (Team Inspirationail’s fave is Red Sea Coral).


Pink Nail Varnish

Image from billaday

Pink has always symbolised femininity and affectionate love. Those who love to wear pink are often romantic and maternal & like to feel loved and secure. This colour represents delicate charm and a sweet nature.

Try Suncoat’s French Pink for the perfect barely there shimmer and for the undecided any one of Nubar’s Bouquet Collection, (Team Inspirational’s fave is Geisha Blaze).


Purple Nail Varnish

Image from TheKarenD

A vivid statement, purple speaks of individuality and charisma. Purple signifies royalty in many cultures and people who choose it tend to be artistic, unique & likely to achieve positions of authority.

For some youthful glitter try AllyKat’s Purple Sparkle and for a more royal edge any one of Nubar’s Cleopatra Collection (Team Inspirationail’s fave is Passionate Purple).


Red Nail Varnish

Perhaps the strongest power colour, red is not for the timid. This colour signifies an authoritative and impulsive nature but can also be popular among the mellow few who simply appreciate its sheer warmth. Above all, red signifies a zest for life.

Try Suncoat’s Berry for a deep, luxurious red or be inspired by any one of Nubar’s Risque Reds, (Team Inspirationail’s fave is Seductive Red).


White Nail Varnish

Image from miss rogue

White has always been symbolic of purity and youth. Those who favor this colour tend to be hopeful and young at heart. Regardless of age, this colour is the fountain of youth, embraced by those with a fresh & simple attitude.

Try Suncoat’s Pearl White for a cultured pearly white and Del Sol’s Reckless for a creamy white (that turns a soft shade of pink in the daylight).


Yellow Nail Varnish

Image from shannonkringen

A sunny symbol of happiness, yellow is favored by people with wise and adventurous spirits. This is the colour of laughter and appreciated by those with a strong sense of humor and freedom of thought.

Try Suncoat’s Gold for a shiny, jet-set colour and Nubar’s Hot Yellow for a sunny, bright summer shade.

What Colour Are You?

Did you know that determining your skin tone can help you choose colours that suit you? Learn more about skin tone and nail varnish colours, then go raid our store for some chemical-free colours.


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