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TRANSFORMING is 3D Printed Nail animation that took about 6 months to make and the final video is is purely a stop-motion animation without use of computer graphics. It’s completely memorising, check out making of the video and the video itself.


Published by Inspirationail on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

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Nail Blogger of the Week S4 Ep01Welcome to the brand new Season 4 of Blogger of the Week. To start of the show this series we are delighted to feature the fabulous Vic at

A Little History

“Vic Pires is a Liphook mum with an unhealthy interest in beautiful nails.
Vic first knew that she wanted to be a nail tech when she had her second set of acrylic extensions applied. While she was unable to start training at that point, she did develop an obsession with keeping her own nails looking good and by the Spring of 2012 she was regularly posting pictures of her manicures on her blog, Glowstars. The main focus of is nail art and Vic publishes new posts almost daily (and sometimes more often), participating in nail art challenges and indulging in her own ideas. [Source: The Polish Bottle]

Published by Inspirationail on Monday, September 7th, 2015

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Whether you love them or hate them we can agree that snakes aren’t to be messed with. Unless they’re on your nails in which case have as much fun as you can with them ;). Snakeskin nails haven’t fully been a thing yet, but they’re growing in popularity. Get inspired with the following snake themed videos.

No snakes were harmed during the making of any of these videos.

Snake Nail Art

You Will Need:
Nails | Gold glitter | Glue | Craft scissors | Video camera

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3D Printed Nail Art from The Laser Girls.3D Printed Manicures.The Laser Girls co-founders Dhemerae Ford and Sarah C Awad are self-proclaimed “Digital Artists and Pioneers of 3D Printed Manicure”. They unite nails with tech and it’s pretty awesome. Today Inspirationail are excited feature some of The Laser Girls show-stopping designs.

3D printed nails in metallics, matt, stiletto, black, bronze, gold, steel – the only limit is your imagination.

3D Printed Manicure by The Laser Girls


A photo posted by Dhemerae Ford And Sarah C Awad (@thelasergirls) on


Published by Inspirationail on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

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Nail Art Tape - In Depth TutorialsWe’ve got a ton of in depth tutorials for DIY nails. This week we want to take a deeper look at another fun-only area… Using ail art tape.

A Growing Trend

Nail art is an increasingly growing trend being endorsed by designers and celebs alike. You don’t have to be a pro to use tape (a steady hand and superhero vision does help though). We’ve tracked down a bunch of great nail art tape tutorials that provide at home instruction, but to get it right you really need to practice. The tutorials below cover the very basics of using tape to get awesome and unique nails for extreme beginners to experienced pro’s.

Published by Inspirationail on Friday, August 28th, 2015


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