Calcium for Healthy Nails

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CheeseCalcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and the main component of bones & teeth.

Especially important for children, calcium helps muscles, nerves, blood vessels & the nervous system work properly. A fantastic mineral it does all of this and strengthens nails too. Unfortunately many do not get enough calcium in their diet & that means your bones & nails are suffering.

The body stores excess calcium in our bones, should a deficiency arise it is taken from the bones & distributed to the necessary organs.

Despite popular misconception, nails themselves do not contain large amounts of calcium, however it is needed for proper nail growth.

Food Sources

There are so many yummy sources.
AlmondsAnimal Sources
Milk, yoghurt, cheese, bone meal & the soft bones of fish such as sardines, pilchards & tinned salmon.

Plant Sources
Soybeans, broccoli, kale, spinach, peas, okra, oranges, black beans, nuts, dried fruit, basil, sesame seed, flax seed, whole grains & unrefined cereals.

Signs of Deficiency

There is a common misconception that white marks on the nails is a sign of inadequate calcium. This isn’t true and more often a sign of low levels of iron or zinc. In fact, those deficient in calcium may find their nails weak, brittle & dry.

Eat Healthy for Your Nails

It’s important to ensure that your diet provides you ample amounts of all important vitamins & minerals. Be sure to check out the other vitamins that are important for nail health & for the VIP treatment you can subscribe to the Inspirationail newsletter.


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