Nail Art Brushes – In Depth Nail Tutorial

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Nail Art Brushes - In Depth TutorialsWe’ve been posting in depth tutorials for DIY nail art using a variety of techniques including FIMO, aquarium, dried flowers, foil, water marble, stamping, 3D acrylic, decals, sponge and eyeshadow. This week we want to take a deeper look at some of the essential tools for nail art… brushes.

A Growing Trend

Nail art is quickly growing as a fashion industry trend and currently being endorsed by designers and celebs alike. You don’t have to be a pro to have a great nail art kit and we’ve got some handy tutorials to help you get started.

A big thanks to the talented ladies who created these handy tutorials for us. Be sure to browse their YouTube channels for more great videos.

Make Your Own Nail Art Brush

DIY Nail Art Brush for Small Details

Choosing the Right Nail Art Brush

Practising Brush Strokes on Paper

Cleaning Nail Art Brushes

School is In Session

We’ve opened a quick and easy nail art school for non-pros to try at home. That doesn’t take away from the pros, if you want it done right the first time, pay someone else to do it! 😉 Be sure to check out some of the other tutorials below while you are here and let us know what else you’d like to see broken down.


Nail Porn

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