Choosing Varnish Shades to Beat the Winter Blues

By Inspirationail

Winter NailsWhile January is the start of a new year, it’s hardly the start of the cold. It’s been around long enough to make us all moody for some sunshine. We’ve offered some handy advice for winter nail colour and today we are cheering things up a bit with warm, sunny colour to beat mid-winter blues.

What to Wear

During cold months we have to enjoy simple pleasures and the importance of a warm meal, a roaring fire and thick woolen sweaters is undeniable. Generally our nail colour advice is based on trends & fashion – however sometimes it’s simply about lifting your spirits and current fashion be damned. Frankly if you are stylish enough, you can pull of almost any colour almost any time of the year, (just use your colour intelligently).

Think beyond seasonal trends and fashion week runways – we say if it makes you smile in the dead of winter you should do it!

The Daily Grind

Let’s face it, we spend more time at work than anyplace else so it’s important to have something on your nails that keeps your spirits high during long commutes and endless paperwork. While red is a power colour, it’s not necessarily a mood lifter, so to lift spirits we prefer softer, warm hues in creamy or pearly formulas. Try soft apricots, peachy pinks and if you want a power colour try a very warm orange red.

What To Wear

Daily Grind Nails

Image from Debs

Try a-england’s Iseult , Del Sol’s Peek a Boo, Mavala’s Amber, Nubar’s Red Sea Coral, SolarActive’s Pink Rose to Violet or Suncoat’s Sunset.

Sunday Hangover

We’ve all had them and some of us even make them a Sunday ritual. This isn’t an enjoyable experience no matter what the weather is like, but at least when it’s cold you have a good excuse to stay in bed and paint your nails. For these days we definitely recommend softer colours, nothing too bright or loud can be involved. During cold months, warmer colours often give us a lift, try warm peaches, intense coffee browns and soft purples for relaxing and uplifting colour therapy.

What To Wear

Sunday Hangover Nails

Image from Wonderlane

Try a-england’s Guinevere, Del Sol’s First Kiss, Mavala’s Rose Dust, Nubar’s Earthen, SolarActive’s Apricot to Red Apple or Suncoat’s Cinnamon.

High Street Shopping

We add this activity to all of these colour posts because it’s a pastime that most women can appreciate, regardless of the weather outside. Cold weather simply gives us an excuse to purchase more fab stuff. For shopping we can always recommend red, it’s a classic – however we like warm reds with a touch of orange. We also like warm glittering jewell tones (they always make us feel glamorous), glowing pearly whites and sensually sheer nudes.

What To Wear

High Street Shopping Nails

Image from Ducklover Bonnie

Try a-england’s Perceval, Del Sol’s Reckless, Mavala’s Jazz Club, Nubar’s Sheer Bliss, SolarActive’s White Cloud to Red Horizon or Suncoat’s Pearl White.

Afternoon Tea With Friends

This is a ritual that persists whatever the weather, however on cold winter days a warm cup (of whatever) is a nice way to take a break. Whether you prefer to serve at home or visit your favourite local spot, you use your hands to drink so your nails need to look divine. For a grey afternoon we like warm sunny yellows (yes, yellow), fruity shades like peach and plum and shimmering neutrals.

What To Wear

Afternoon Tea Nails

Image from ammgramm

Try a-england’s Holy Grail, Del Sol’s Sun Kissed, Mavala’s Vanilla, Nubar’s Yellow Primrose, SolarActive’s Red to Blackberry or Suncoat’s Almond Nude.

Night Out On The Town

Another activity likely to be enjoyed even in the freezing cold, getting out in the evenings keeps us all from going stir-crazy inside. This is hardly a time when we need a mood booster, getting out is elation enough. However after a long work week sometimes we need something to shock us back awake so we can enjoy the evening. For a sassy night out we will always tell you to go extreme, think super glitter, bold brights and brash metallics.

What To Wear

Night Out Nails

Try a-england’s Excalibur, Del Sol’s Island Fever, Niyot’s CEO Blood, Mavala’s Pure Diamond Glitters, Nubar’s Valentine Pink, SolarActive’s Flashing Lights to Razzle Red or Suncoat’s Princess Purple.

Afternoon at the Museum

Although any time is a great time to take in some culture, a cold winter afternoon makes a great excuse to lock yourself away with a bit of history. While we are here to recommend happy inducing colours we also think that in a museum, the exhibits should take the spotlight. We like muted warm colours, soft oranges, feminine warm pinks and sheer neutrals to keep you feeling warm and the art on display.

What To Wear

Afternoon at the Museum Nails

Image from idhren

Try a-england’s Iseult, Del Sol’s Calypso, Mavala’s Tangerine, Nubar’s Belize Coral, SolarActive’s Canary Yellow to Red Robin or Suncoat’s Beige.

Date Night

Date night is a good night all year round, however with winter skin growing paler it’s important to select your feel-good colours carefully. Your cosmetics will largely depend on your wardrobe, but in mid-winter we hope you’ll opt for luxuriously soft fabrics, shimmering warm neutrals and soft candlelight. For a romantic evening at home, keep it simple – we like sweet pastels tinged with gold, soft pearly shades and sexy shimmers.

What To Wear

Date Night Nails

Image from SimplyAbbey

Try a-england’s Morgan Le Fay, Del Sol’s Pretty in Pink, Mavala’s Agate, Nubar’s Opulent Pearl, SolarActive’s Pinkalicious to Sugar Plum or Suncoat’s French Pink.

Feeling Cozy?

We hope so because the long winter months are a great time to practice your nail art skills. Whether you are a pro honing your skills or a novice practicing with your off hand, we hope you’ll check out our store to stock up on supplies.


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