Nails Beyond the Colour Wheel

By Inspirationail

GiftFor the past 6 months we have been sharing on our Colour School series and now we’ve got a great selection of informative lessons. Last time we shared fab images of the colour wheel hues and today is about all of the rest.

Last Minute Shoppers

It’s almost the big day, have you gotten something for everyone on your list? If not we have a few ideas here you may like (and may still be able to get in time). Not long ago we took a look at the primary, secondary & tertiary colours and some handy matching options from our store. This week we wanted to share some of the colours that don’t show up on the basic colour wheel. The metallics, browns, pinks & neutrals.


Black Nails

Image from jackieleigh

White Nails

Image from superclops

Grey Nails

Image from Ollie Crafoord

Brown Nails

Image from daftgirly

Beige Nails

Image from idhren

Silver Nails

Image from Riley Alexandra

Gold Nails

Image from renr
Dark Pink

Dark Pink Nails

Light Pink

Light Pink Nails

Image from noahness

So Much Colour

There are so many colours out there it’s hard to tell if we’ve got them all. We’ll take inventory and let you know if we’ve missed anything. Stay tuned for more great gift ideas all the way until the big day.


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