Barbie All Dolled Up Nail Printer For Children

By Inspirationail

We have been in contact with Mattel’s USA headquarters to learn where you can purchase a Barbie Nail Printer in the UK.

The Barbie Digital Nail Printer is finally here!

They aren’t available in UK stores yet, but they have been released and you can order them online.

About Our Efforts

Barbie Nail PrinterWe have approached Mattel USA Head Quarters to see if they can help us on our quest to get British kids a Barbie bnails digital nail printer.

Talking To Mattel

On the phone we were told by Mattel USA HQ that the sole distribution rights have been awarded to Toys”R”Us.
We contacted their National Headquarters in the US and we were told that they did not know the release date (5th August 2009) nor could they inform us how much these nail printers were ($179.99).
This information is displayed on their Toys”R”Us official website.

We Can Help

As before, we know it’s official release date, we know how much they cost, we know where we can buy one (if you live in The U.S.). However we still don’t have any further information on retailers who will be stocking the printer for the holiday season.

We haven’t given up, and will continue to look for physical retailers who will sell the Barbie Nail Printer. Until then, no matter where you are, you can always buy one online.

Great things come to those who wait


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