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Chevron Nail ArtThis fab post about art deco inspired nail art is courtesy of Emma Leslie, a fellow beauty junkie and writer. Thanks for your contribution Emma!

Finding a Muse

With Fall fast approaching, I’ve been looking ahead to some of the overriding trends for the changing of the seasons. From leather to jewelled tones, gothic glamour to art deco, there are so many veins of inspiration to choose from when thinking updating your makeup and wardrobe. My favourite is the strong 1920s influence that has been seen all over the AW12 catwalks.

It’s not all jewelled headdresses and flapper dresses – it’s a trend that can be very easily translated into your everyday look with finger waves, Gibson girl makeup, and my special art deco chevron nail art.

Trendy Colours

This nail look is pretty easy to achieve, it just takes a little time to get it right for each nail. All you need are three nail varnishes, one pale, one mid tone, and one dark, plus a little brush. The key colours for this season are dark and vampy, with blacks, purples, blues and dark greens taking precedence, so if you’re looking to tie in a couple of trends in one hit, these are the hues to go for.

Norma Taldmagge

Keep your chevron design looking sophisticated by using similar tones for your nails – I’ve gone for purple, silver, dark pink and dark blue, but the choice is yours!

Remember to Look After Them

Try to incorporate a good nailcare routine each time you paint your nails to keep them looking neat, healthy and tidy. If you regularly file them and keep your cuticles in check, it means less work in the long run, will make your nail art look that much more impressive, and will ensure that it lasts for longer. With this great foundation in place, start by painting your nails with a thin layer of dark colour, wait for it to dry, and then repaint. It’s better to have two thin layers of varnish than a single thick one that will take a long time to set and may smudge.

A Few Artistic Tips

Next is the hardest part – trying to perfect those chevrons. I normally use a toothpick for much of my nail art as it allows for precise detailing, but in this instance the slight curvature of the chevron requires more flexibility. I’ve recycled an old eyeliner brush, but you can use any thin, flexible brush. I take a small amount of the mid colour and start with a small dot in the centre of the nail, which I then join to the outer corners of the nail in two curved sweeps. With this outline in place, I take the nail colour brush and fill in the remaining space. Wait for the colour to dry, and repeat the process for a bold hue.

Chevron Nail Art

The Finishing Touch

To make your nails look truly art deco, add another chevron. I take the lightest colour and, starting just above the central point, run a line parallel to the first chevon to the outer corners of the nail. Start with a very thin line and then press harder to produce a thicker line as you reach the edge of the nail. The result is a geometric fleur-de-lys; striking in design, but understated thanks to the tonality. Finish up with a coat or two of clear nail colour to protect your design and keep it looking great.

Add Your Own Twist

Make the design even more beautiful by repeating this process of detailing so that the tips of your nails resemble a fan, or make the design bolder by using contrasting colours.

Part of the fun of nail art is getting creative with your designs – take some inspiration from this tutorial, but put your own twist on it with glitter, a bigger chevron or jewels for special occasions. Have fun!

About Emma

Emma Leslie writes for a British makeup and fragrance website, which for a self-confessed beauty junkie is ideal. In her spare time she can be found trawling beauty blogs for new products and tips, going to gigs, and trying – but failing – to cook exotic dishes.


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