Love Animals? Go For Vegan Nail Varnish

By Inspirationail

DolphinLately we’ve been featuring brands which choose to create their varnish formulas free of harsh chemicals & animal testing. While we appreciate the brands that protect us from the chemicals, we LOVE the vegan brands who don’t test on animals or use animal products.

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish

Animal ingredients in cosmetics aren’t limited to just crushed beetles – and some of those chemical sounding ingredients are actually sourced from animals. For example Cetyl Alcohol which is common in conventional polish formulas is harvested from sperm whales and dolphins. Here is a great list of ingredients that vegetarians & vegans should be on the lookout for in their products.

We don’t know about everyone else, but we would never knowingly contribute to the slaughter of dolphins for colourful nails.

So Many Choices…

These varnishes aren’t just for the vegans, they are for anyone who feels animals shouldn’t suffer in the name of beauty. Obviously these brands are completely cruelty-free, and we’ve got a great list of more brands that don’t test on animals as well. Stay tuned to learn which varnish brands Team Inspirationail voted as the 10 Safest Nail Polish Brands.

Cruelty Free | 3 Free | 4 Free | 5 Free | Water Based


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