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Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I am born and raised in Orange County, CA. I’ve worked in accounting at a construction company for about 8 years. Outside of nail polish I love music, going to concerts has always been something I’ve really loved doing.

I was a nail biter for pretty much my entire life up until about 3 years ago when I started using nail polish as a reward to myself for not biting my nails!

Where are you located?
I’m still living in Orange County, I love it here…I really can’t imagine ever living anywhere else! We kind of have the best of everything, good shopping, good weather, lots to do! It’s the full package!

The PolishAholic

In one sentence describe your nail blog, The PolishAholic.
The perfect place for nail polish enthusiasts to feed their addiction!

The PolishAholic has become pretty successful, how did you get started writing about nails? 
It was actually a suggestion from my Grandma in a roundabout way! When I started really getting into nails and collecting polish I was spending a lot of time with her. I would always show her what was on my nails and she suggested that I take pictures so I could show her that way also. Somehow this turned into me thinking I should start a blog, I didn’t really think anyone would read it so it was going to be more like a place for me to be able to look back on my past manicures!

The PolishAholic

You also work in accounting at a construction company, what do your colleagues say about your nail obsession?
At first they thought I was crazy, now the general consensus is that they like it; I’m their go-to girl for borrowing a nail polish or helping them figure out where to buy things! I’ve also got a few of the ladies here more into nail polish because of my blog; my boss is always showing me her cute nails! She’s even done some of the nail art I’ve tried on her own nails, it makes me happy to be able to share something I love with the people I work with! Some of the guys still think it’s weird and/or funny.

When I told one of the guys about my blog I believe he said something like “You write only about nail polish and people want to read that?” it still makes me laugh because he was legitimately surprised that nail polish blogs existed!

How do you keep yourself interested and interesting in your writing job? 
It’s actually very easy for me, there is always something new and exciting happening in nail polish. It seems like whenever I start to get a little burned something comes out that gets me excited again! When I’m excited about something I think it comes through in my writing and makes other people excited also!

The PolishAholic

Do you have any advice for polish loving writers who want to create their own blog?
I would say make sure you are having fun! Focus on making friends in our community and sharing your love of polish! Don’t focus on things like gaining a bazillion readers or 10,000 likes on your Facebook page. When I started blogging I got very caught up in the numbers and as time has gone by I’ve realized that the connections and friendships I’ve made are the special part of blogging!

What changes have you seen in the nail world since you began your blog and how do you think the Internet will affect nails of the future? 
It seems like nail polish has blown up in popularity, there is always a new collection coming out! I think the Internet is already having a huge impact on the nail polish industry; a lot of new brands are being born on the Internet and gaining huge success! It’s such a great avenue for someone who loves polish to turn their dream of making polish into a reality.

The PolishAholic

I also love that as a consumer we can talk directly to the huge brands like OPI or China Glaze to let them know what we want to see and buy! The Internet has given us access to many brands from all over the world that previously we haven’t been able to purchase!

By far my favorite Internet related change in nail polish is with the popularity of nail art on websites like Pinterest and Tumblr. It seems like there is always something new to try!

Any advice about nail fashion trends for beyond 2012?
I think we are going to see a lot of new textures for nails, not the norm like glitter or shimmer but crazy textures. Putting micro beads from the craft store on the nail has become very popular lately! I also just recently posted a manicure I did using flocking powder which gave my nails a fuzzy texture, it was a huge hit! I think we’re going to be seeing even more new textures as 2012 goes by and as we get into 2013!

The PolishAholic

How much have/ would you insure your stash for?
Right now it is not insured, I’ve been toying with the idea of insuring it though. I’m thinking if I did I’d insure it for about $5000. It scares me to think I have enough to justify that…but not going to lie, I probably do!

Is there anything you would swap your stash for (excluding money and other nail products)?
That’s tough…maybe a really nice house for free, forever…no property taxes to pay or anything! Other than that I love my polish way too much to trade it for anything, they are like my beautiful sparkly children!

The PolishAholic

How do you organize/store all of your nail products?
I have 3 Helmers and a 9 drawer Alex, all from Ikea!

From start to finish how long do you spend on an average blog post?
I’d say about 4 hours. There are a lot of posts where I’m showing collections of 6-12 polishes. Typically those collection posts take 4-5 hours to swatch and photograph then about an hour to edit and 1-2 hours to write the post.

For posts where I’m just showing one polish I spend about 1-2 hours photographing, editing and writing the post!

What camera do you use?
Usually I use a Canon Powershot SD1400IS, it’s a small point and shoot…nothing fancy. It takes great photos and has a good macro feature which is very important for taking nail photos!

The PolishAholic

I’ve also started using a Canon Rebel T3, it was my Christmas gift to myself last year. I’m still trying to get used to all the features since it’s a DSLR and much more fancy than my Canon Powershot. It’s pretty rare that I show photos I’ve taken with that camera but hopefully it will be my new go-to soon!

Where would you like to see The PolishAholic in 5 years?
I’d like to see myself blogging full time, it’s my number 1 goal. I think that’s what I’ve always looked for in life, to find something I’m passionate about and turn it into what I do for a living!

The PolishAholic

What are your top 3 blog posts?
My #1 most viewed blog post is 2 splatter manicures. The post caught fire on StumbleUpon and has been a huge hit! Fun fact, look closely at the middle nail in the second manicure in the post, a reader pointed out that one of the splatters looks like a dinosaur and it always makes me laugh when I go back and look at that post.

My #2 post is swatches of OPI’s collaboration collection with Nicki Minaj!

My #3 post is my tutorial for how to do a splatter manicure!

The PolishAholic

What do you know now that you wish you’d know when you first starting blogging?
I wish someone had told me how much work it is! I thought it would be like a 5 minutes a day kind of thing but it’s really not. There is so much work that goes into maintaining a blog that people don’t tell you. It’s like a part time job for me, good thing I love it so much!

On the flip side I also wish someone had told me how awesome the nail community is, I never knew so many like-minded people existed! I’ve come across some amazing friends on Twitter and Facebook because of blogging!

If you could have a superpower what would it be? 
I would want to be able to fly, it would be beneficial for a lot of reasons. I wouldn’t have to buy gas, which would be nice since it’s been getting more and more expensive! I could also fly all over the world to buy nail polish, there are so many awesome brands that we don’t get here in the US!

The PolishAholic

Many Thanks
Thanks to Jen for answering our questions and sharing a little more about what she does. To learn more about her and her work be sure to visit their website

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.


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